Destiny 2: Fixed Odds God Roll and How To Get

The Fixed Odds machine gun is perfect for dealing heavy damage while using the Solar 3.0 build. The following guide will help players get the weapon and all about its perks in Destiny 2. 

Destiny 2 - Fixed Odds Machine Gun

Destiny 2: How to get the Fixed Odds Machine Gun and God Roll

The Destiny franchise has blown the competition apart and is set to remain at the top of the looter-shooter pyramid. There are several weapons for each type of player in the latest Season of the Haunted. One of the guns that has received a rework for the season is the Fixed Odds Machine Gun. It has a new god roll and a High-Impact Frame.

The gun is from the Opulent Menagerie set, meaning it can be crafted in the game. You will need five Deepsight variations completed and extracted to achieve this.

However, players will struggle to get the weapon pattern themselves as there is a sole activity in the Duality Dungeon that offers this. Luckily for players, once you have got it through this method, you can receive it again from one of the secret chests present within the Dungeon too. 

Players have to attempt the last encounter in the Dungeon, Calus’ Greatest Shame. However, you will not be eligible to receive any prizes, so it may take time to get the Fixed Odds.

Having got it, head to the room with four Cabal statues to receive it again. The other chest is present inside Calus’ vault, around the tenth Repressed Memory, and players can get the Fixed Odds from here too. 

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Destiny 2 - Fixed Odds Machine Gun Perks

Destiny 2: Fixed Odds God Roll (Best Perks)

Machine Guns have a great usage in Player v Player (PvP) activities. They are of the same ilk as Linear Fusion Rifles, Rocket Launchers, and Swords.

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However, all Machine Guns have a great magazine and great damage inflicted, so it is a good choice. Fixed Odds has low stability, so go for the Arrowhead Brake barrel and Ricochet Rounds magazine to balance the weapon.

You can also choose the Tactical Magazine, which betters clip size, reload time, and stability, but in a less effective manner. For the barrel, the Chambered Compensator is also a great barrel. 

The weapon can be used well for Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit activities. Since the weapon is craftable, it will be eligible for all the enhanced perks in the game. There are third and fourth perk combinations that will work well for the gun as a whole. These are as follows:

  • Field Prep/Firing Line: This is a solid choice for Raid activities because the damage given by the Firing Line works great. 
  • Field Prep/Incandescent: It works well for Solar 3.0 builds, more so for those depending on scorch. 
  • Field Prep/Rampage: Players should for it in PvP encounters, in place of the god roll. 
  • Field Prep/Killing Tally: The god roll for Fixed Odds, which works superbly in PvE, mostly for Titans with Actium War Rig. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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