Starfield – Should I Persuade Or Kill Headlock?

As the sole mediator in this not-so-lawful world, players must make a crucial choice – should they use words or weapons to resolve the issue? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various options available in the Mob Mentality quest, helping you make an informed decision.

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Mob Mentality Quest In Starfield: Kill Or Persuade Headlock?

Starfield | Should I Persuade Or Kill Headlock? – In Starfield’s vast and thrilling world, players are faced with a fascinating decision in the “Mob Mentality” side quest. This quest revolves around a young gang member named Headlock, causing quite a stir for a store owner in Neon.

The Set-Up: Meeting Tevin and Tracking Down Headlock

Your journey begins when you visit Tevin’s store in Neon. Tevin shares his ongoing troubles with Headlock, a member of the Seokguh gang, and implores your assistance in finding a solution. To advance the quest, you’ll need to locate Headlock.

Headlock and his gang frequently hang around Frankie’s Grab+Go store, situated on the outskirts of Neon. Follow the marker on your screen to reach this location.

When you talk to Frankie at the store and ask about Headlock, she might become defensive.

At this point, you have several options: pay 500 Credits for the information, attempt to persuade Frankie with a four-bar persuasion challenge, or utilize a special dialogue option if you choose the “Neon Street Rat” background.

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Using Words: Convincing Headlock to Step Back

When you eventually find Headlock in Warehouse 4, he might begin with threats and an aggressive attitude. However, this is your opportunity to engage in a conversation and persuade him to cease harassing Tevin and the store.

To persuade Headlock, you’ll need to pass a persuasion challenge, which involves filling up four bars within three attempts.

This challenge is similar to the one you encountered when speaking with Frankie earlier. To increase your chances of success, consider using items like Hippolyta or wearing the Corpo Salary Suit.

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If you succeed, Headlock will agree to back off, and you’ll earn some extra experience points.

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Role-Playing: Leveraging Your Background or Traits

For players who enjoy immersing themselves in their character’s role, you can use your character’s background or traits to add a unique flavor to the conversation.

For instance, if you chose the “space scoundrel” background, you can issue a tough-sounding threat like “I’ll kill you,” prompting Headlock to step down instantly.

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Using Force: Confronting Headlock and His Gang

Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can engage in combat with Headlock and his gang members.

The battle isn’t overly challenging, and you can employ a shotgun or take advantage of elevated walkways to gain a tactical advantage. Defeating them will earn you experience points and valuable items that can be sold for currency.

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Making the Right Choice

Persuading Headlock or using force depends on your gameplay style and objectives. Opting for the combat route can yield valuable loot and currency with seemingly no adverse consequences.

In my playthrough, I initially engaged in dialogue with Headlock and successfully persuaded him to depart, which netted me extra experience points.

Subsequently, during our conversation, I reversed my decision and chose to engage in combat, enabling me to collect all the loot, acquire experience points, and advance my skills.

It’s essential to remember that, irrespective of your chosen approach, Tevin will reward you with 3000 Credits and 100 experience points.

Thus, you can decide what aligns with your character or even experiment with both paths. In my experience, employing a combination of words and force proved to be the most lucrative strategy.

In Starfield’s expansive and ever-evolving universe, the Mob Mentality quest underscores the significance of making challenging decisions. It highlights the many approaches to address problems in this captivating space adventure.

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