Starfield: What Can Be Done On Gas Giants Planets

The vast nature of Starfield means that players have a lot of places to visit and explore in their own time. Bethesda Game Studios has designed the game in such a manner that you will not run out of locations in a long while with 1,000 planets to discover.

However, out of them, only about 100 or so planets are known to have life, meaning there will be a lot of empty space in between. For players wondering if there are activities to do on gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn, the following guide discusses if there is something that can be done here.

Starfield: What Can Be Done On Gas Giants Planets

Players looking forward to discovering new things on the gas giants will be disappointed, given that you will not be able to land on them to do your exploring. They do not have the terrain where you can land and go on adventures since they are quite literally made up of gases.

There are no civilians present here either, but players will be able to scan the planets as they orbit them through the star map and press down LB.

Starfield - solar system

How To Scan Gas Giants Planets – The scanning process is a little different than the other planets, where you have to scan every bit of the flora and fauna in order to complete the full survey. For the gaseous planets, you only have to scan them one time in order to get yourself 50 XP, which is just very easy to do.

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Additionally, players will also receive an amount of survey data after they are done with scanning. Players can choose to sell the data to traders in exchange for 618 credits or go to Vladimir on The Eye and earn 1,147 credits in return for it.

Starfield - Gas Giant

While it is hoped that the developers may add more activity and interactions focused on these gas giants in the near future, players have to wait in the meantime and be satisfied by orbiting around them.

Since they hold no life in the game, it is of little importance apart from the XP and the data you can sell for credits, which is reasonably good news.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the different gas giants in Starfield and what to do with them.

There is very little to achieve for now, but players can hope that they become part of the action soon with one of the future updates.

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

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