Starfield: Should you Add Sarah Morgan As A Follower?

You will face a  situation in the Old Neighborhood quest where players will be prompted to have Sarah Morgan as a follower or go on alone. In that regard, the following guide will help players learn what can be done in this case and the outcome of their choices.

Starfield: Should you Add Sarah Morgan As A Follower?

As players link up with the group members of Constellation, Sarah Morgan will talk to you about more instructions for your upcoming quest that revolves around acquiring a different piece of the Artifact.

Starfield - Sarah Morgan constellation

You will get two choices here, as listed below, along with what happens when you choose either of them:

“Got it. You and me until we get that Artifact.” –  This will ensure Sarah Morgan turns into your follower, and the quest will go on as usual.

“Actually, there are some things I want to do on my own, first.” – Sarah Morgan will not go with you on the quest but remain at the lodge, with the Old Neighborhood quest not starting.

Starfield - Sarah Morgan choices

By now, players must have Sarah Morgan as their follower to begin the Old Neighborhood quest. If you want to go ahead independently, you can finish the remaining side quests associated with the main mission.

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Speaking of side quests, Mantis is the top side quest to finish at the start of the game, and it does not require you to complete Old Neighborhood either.

You will be winning the legendary Mantis Helmet along with Mantis Armor and Mantis Pack. Additionally, players will also get the Razorleaf Starship, which is a solid upgrade to the Frontier.

Thus, that is all the information players need regarding having Sarah Morgan as their follower in Starfield.

You can finish the side quests before inviting her over to join the Old Neighborhood quest, but it cannot be started without her involvement in the game.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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