Starfield: Should You Be Starborn or Return To Universe (One Giant Leap)

You will come across yourself at Unity, and you can either step into it or move away. Given the enormous weight that each option carries, the following guide will help players understand what the best course of choice is and what it means.

Starfield: Should You Be Starborn or Return To Universe (One Giant Leap)


The initial choice is for players to get inside the middle of Unity. Now, you will be Starborn and no longer human.

Players will be taken to a different universe in the game with several changes. It is an irreversible decision, so you cannot return to your older Universe if you do not have a saved file from before.

Starfield - starborn choice

Going back to your Universe

The other option you will have is to go back into the stars. You will know when you reach the edge of Starfield, as your other self tells you. You get on the ship and come back.

However, they can return to Unity anytime if they want to make the Armillary again and use your ship’s Grav Drives to get there.

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Starfield - universe choice

Starfield: Which choice to make in One Giant Leap?

Of course, the choice entirely depends on players as to what they want to do. If players want to keep exploring the Universe and experience different endings along with finding objects and items, they would feel right to reject the Unity and head back.

For those players who have done everything in the game and are looking for newer challenges in Starfield, along with exploring further playthroughs.

Starfield - guardian ship

Once you head into the middle of Unity, it automatically starts the New Game Plus, and you will also be starting a new journey.

All the parts of the game get reset as you change into a Starborn, and you can begin everything again with new decisions, experiences, and results.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the momentous decision in One Giant Leap. Each choice has a different outcome, and you must proceed carefully, depending on where you are in the game.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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