Starfield: Should You Save Rafael’s or Patel’s Universe or Both (Entangled)

Players will face many choices in Starfield, and they get more drastic as you near the end. One of the final tasks in the Entangled mission will relate to you looking for an artifact at the Nishina Research facility on Freya III. 

However, the artifact is split across two universes, Rafael’s and Patel’s. Rafael is struck within the research base, and everyone else has died, while Patel’s universe has everyone living well with Rafael dead. While it may seem like you have to choose one, there is a chance of protecting both.

Starfield: Should You Save Rafael’s or Patel’s Universe or Both (Entangled)

Rafael’s Universe

Players must stay in the demolished Research Facility and turn off the power nodes. They are present across the laboratory and are seven in number, so you have to switch them off physically. Once done, go back to the front of the room along with your laser, and here is a terminal to choose to close the experiment, thereby choosing Rafael’s universe.

Starfield - rafael universe

Afterward, when you interact with Rafael, you will be thanked for remaining and providing a new chance. There are some resources for you here and credits, while the XP will be the same as if you had saved Patel’s universe.

Patel’s Universe

Like the initial stage of Rafael’s universe, you must initially turn off the nodes. Once done, go to the room, switch off the lasers, and finalize your choice of saving Patel’s universe, thereby saving everyone.

Starfield - patel universe

Players will meet Director Patel after exiting the region, who is excited you remained while honoring Rafael’s legacy of dying for everyone else. You will get Nishina’s Spacesuit, Helmet, and other items, along with credits and XP.

Starfield: How To Save Both Universes

Players will have the chance to rescue both universes in Starfield, and for that, you will have to do a bit extra work, but the rewards justify the steps. This can also protect you from having a final choice.

The central aspect to remember here is to locate the Lab Control Computer. In Rafael’s universe, it is the back; you can go whenever you want. You should complete it first, as it is locked away in Patel’s universe. Start the computer and follow the steps of stabilizing the experiment.

The fastest process is the Initialization, while you will need the Degaussing to begin it. Now, move to the different Power Nodes and switch them off before Deguassing and switching them on to get the Frequency Calibration. There will be a notification for the nodes you must do this for, as they differ across the two universes.

Starfield - calibration test

There will be a slate around the Frequency Calibration test that will let you know to set it correctly. You must keep the output frequency at 24Ghz to get 34.5 Ghz on the Intake. Once done, go to Patel’s universe and go to the Calibration Test. Choose 40Ghz instead of 26Ghz, and after you return to Rafael’s universe, set it back to 24Ghz to reach 34Ghz.

Now that the Frequency Calibration Test is done move to the front and begin the Primary Calibration Control for both universes. Once completed, players will move between the two universes, and after you wake up, you will find yourself in the medical lab. Rafael’s alternate self is on the bed, but dead while you have managed to bring the two universes together and save the residents.

Therefore, saving the two universes in Starfield is a great thing. While it does mean extra work, it will be worth it as you keep everyone together and reap the benefits of Patel’s world, which is much better than Rafael’s universe.

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

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