Starfield: Should You Protect The Lodge Or Visit The Eye (High Price To Pay)

Several quests in Starfield will ask players to choose money or weapons. However, the High Price To Pay quest has an intense storyline that will have you making a significant decision.

Players will forced to choose between protecting The Lodge or going to The Eye, and no matter what they choose, a member of Constellation will die.

Given the high stakes involved in this choice, the following guide will help players understand what is the best way forward at this point of the quest.

Starfield: Should You Protect The Lodge Or Visit The Eye (High Price To Pay)

As we have mentioned above, the choice of players will seal the fate of a Constellation member, and it is in your hands as to who lives or dies.

Protecting The Lodge

If you decide to stay at The Lodge, Walter will begin to choke around the bar, and you will meet The Hunter. You have to take him down and go downstairs, where you will find Noel with all the Artifacts.

You will have to exit via a secret underground passage, fleeing across the city with more versions of The Hunter showing up.

Starfield - The Lodge

Players can either get in combat with them or escape, given that their main task is getting to the ship. As you start, players will meet The Scorpius, who directs them to keep searching for the shards and will give them the Unrestrained Vengeance rifle.

Once he teleports, players can bring their ship to The Eye, and as you dock, they will discover Andreja on the floor, dead.

Heading to The Eye

You will get a call from Vladamir, who tells you that The Hunter has struck The Eye, with Andreja in a grave condition. You have to leave The Lodge and go to the ship now.

No one will attack you here as you return to your ship and move to The Eye without any issues. Once there, you will see Andreja has recovered and is doing better, meaning you can have her as your companion now.

Starfield - Going to The Eye

Players must help the rest of the members there and get on the ship again to fly to The Lodge. Here is where you will discover Sarah Morgan on the floor, lifeless.

Look for Noel and then hurry to the ship, with the rest of the sequence going about in the same way as the earlier scenario, with the only difference being that Andreja is alive and well when you get back to The Eye.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding decision-making in this situation. As we discussed, you will have to lose one member, so it is really up to you as to whom you choose to have for further journey in Starfield.

Last Updated on September 8, 2023

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