Starfield: Should You Save Or Kill Austin Rake (Rook Meets King)

You will be tasked with saving or taking out Austin Rake in the Rook Meets King quest to appease the Crimson Fleet. This guide shows you how you can go about this choice in Starfield.

Starfield: Should You Save Or Kill Austin Rake (Rook Meets King)

Players who want to join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield must prove they are worthy when battling the Ragana.

A lot will depend on how you want to approach whether to let Austin Rake live or kill him. Players who want to stay on good terms with the UC SysDef will have to save Austin Rake and not take him out.

Starfield - Austin Rake eliminate

Alternatively, you can also choose to finish off Austin Rake. For those who want to save him, you can lie to the Crimson Fleet and ask them to arrest you as you kept someone from several enemy ships.

Saving Austin Rake

On this path, Dmitri Moldavski will let you know that he will keep Austin Rake away from the Crimson Fleet and hand you extra supplies that will serve as more evidence.

The UC SysDef group is jubilant with your choice, and it does seem that many partners will prefer to go down this route in Starfield.

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Starfield - Dmitri

Killing Austin Rake

If you decide to take down Austin Rake, players have the option of eliminating the full Raga and then asking the crew to take out Austin Rake or go after him yourself.

Either way, the Crimson Fleet will be joyous with your decision, while the UC SysDef will be unhappy with this method. Players can then try and persuade them that they will not repeat it in the future or lie directly if they want to brace the pirate life in Starfield.

Thus, those are the two choices available to the players in the Rook Meets King quest regarding the part about Austin Rake.

Once you have cleared this, you will face the Ryujin Industries section. No matter what you select, one group will be angry, and the other will be excited to have you alongside them in this sequence.

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