Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – How To Get Seed Maker For Free

The ever-growing popularity of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life has seen players tending to the farm of Forgotten Valley. You will have to live the total farm life, which includes harvesting crops, taking care of the livestock and birds, along with earning money for living your life.

You will be introduced to Vesta’s Farm as the initial place for acquiring seeds for your crops. It is not a cheap process, and that is why players will be on the hunt for the Seed Maker machine. However, it also costs a lot, so there is a route for you to get The Seed Maker free of cost.

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – How to Acquire the Seed Maker for Free

Firstly, you have to become friends with Daryl in your quest to get the free Seed Maker. Daryl resides in Forgotten Valley and is an inventor and scientist. You will mostly find him in the Forest or his Lab.

The fastest method of enhancing your friendship meter with Daryl is to have regular chats with him or bring him his most liked presents, which are Fish, Fossils, and Cheese.

To gather Fish, players must get hold of a Fishing Rod, which can be purchased from Van, costing 500 Gold. Van arrives in the Forgotten Valley on the third day, so you can get it from him then. After that, start fishing around the village to collect Fish.

Story of Seasons - A Wonderful Life - Seed Maker

Fossils are located within the Digsite around the waterfall and across the bridge. You should head over there between 10 am and 5 pm. Players will find Carter, who will give you a shovel and allow you to dig for the several objects that can be located here.

The Cheese is the costliest of the lot as before you can get it, you will have to buy the Processing Room present in the Ledger. It will set you back by 150,000 Gold and consequently will take you a reasonable amount of time to rack up the required amount.

Once you have the presents needed, go and meet Daryl to improve the levels of friendship. You will be witnessing several cutscenes as the relationship between you and him steadily rise. As you keep watching them, there will be a particular cutscene in which Daryl talks about the Seed Maker.

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You will visit him in the Lab on that particular afternoon to find Daryl angrily talking about a company that has stolen his idea of a Seed Maker to be kept in the city. He wants to show you that his version of the Seed Maker is superior and will, thus, give you the Seed Maker to use on your farm itself.

Story of Seasons - A Wonderful Life - Daryl Seed Maker

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – How to Use the Seed Maker

You can change the entire crop to seeds through the machine. Whether you get the free Seed Maker or buy it through the Ledger, using it is much more budget-friendly than Vesta and her farm. You can put it inside any vegetable or fruit, which will be converted into seeds.

The Seed Maker takes up to 12 types of crops and will change to red once it is processing the crops inside. The process is finished when the Seed Maker turns blue again, meaning the job is done. As you keep using the Seed Maker for all your crops, the harvesting process becomes much more streamlined, meaning you can save a lot of money as you progress.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Seed Maker and how to get one for free in the game. Speaking with Daryl will be crucial in this matter, so make sure you are befriending him early to save on costs later.

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

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