Street Fighter 6: How To Get The Classic Costumes, Find Masters, and Farm Zenny

The new Street Fighter 6 has been a smash hit amongst players with its exciting gameplay and great mechanics. You would have access to all your favorite characters and want to dress them up accordingly in the game.

Players looking for the different Masters would also have to know where to find them. Players can get the Masters their favorite gifts, but it will cost you Zenny. So, going after Zenny as much as possible is another crucial factor in Street Fighter 6. In that regard, the following guide will help players solve all these queries and ace the game. 

Street Fighter 6: How to find the classic attires 

Players have a couple of options when it comes to finding classic outfits. You can visit the Shop menu by clicking the Tab button and purchasing them through Fight Money. The catch here is that this Fight Money can be got through paying actual money and no other way.

Every classic outfit will set you back by 50 Fight Money, and the cheapest purchase you can make is for 250 Fight Money, which will cost £2.98b or $3.71. Naturally, this will not be suitable for many players, which is why there is also the World Tour path of getting the classic attires. 

When it comes to the World Tour mode, which is a long way as it involves a lot of grinding. Players must look for the respective Masters and get their bond level to 100. You will get some of them alone, and some must be lured out. We discuss that in the following sections to get all the Masters in Street Fighter 6. 

Street Fighter 6: How to find every Master

Dee Jay

You will get Dee Jay at Bather’s Beach in Jamaica. You will get there once Luke tells you to get a souvenir that can be accessed along with Ranger’s Hut in Brazil. As you reach the location, there will be a cutscene where you must take on Dee Jay. Players will be able to learn the style of Dee Jay after the fight as he can mentor them. 

Street Fighter 6 - Dee Jay


Players will find Kimberly atop a roof around Beat Square during the night while on the High-Fliying Man mission. Once you reach the hangout in Beat Square, head to the right-hand road and keep walking till you find a ladder. There will be a Watcher NPC of Level 28 sitting up there. Keep going up, and you will eventually reach Kimberly. Now, players can interact with her, get her moves, and bring her gifts. 

Street Fighter 6 - Kimberly


The sumo Master is a member of the main story. As you get the Big in Japan mission, go to Chank House Edomon in the daytime. As the cutscene finishes, get a snap picture of Honda, and then you can learn about his style. 

Street Fighter 6 - Honda


Cammy comes up late near Chapter 7. Players will get a Metro Free Pass from Luke to get on the subway around the central Beat Square Area. You cannot access it without the pass as there is a guard. As you get inside for the first time, an NPC will ask you to take down a gang around the Downtown Area in Special Unit Del-.

You will have to turn on the quest from your phone, and after you win against five Mad Gear Dancers, return to the subway and interact with the NPC. He will hand you the ticket to England, where you will meet Cammy. 

Street Fighter 6 - Cammy


Head to the Stadium in the Urban Park Area at night, and you will interact with Uou, which will begin the Hither and Thither side quest. Go on the steps as you talk to Saou and then battle Uou, who is at level 30. After you are done, the Barmaley Steelworks in Russia will be unlocked, where you will find Zangief. 

Street Fighter 6 - Zangief


In Chapter 6, you will get several new places to go to from Luke, and Blanka is present at Ranger’s Hut, Brazil. As usual, interact with Blanka after the cutscene and learn about his style. 

Street Fighter 6 - Blanka


You will get Manon in Chapters 7-3 in the Main Tournament Registration arc. However, players will require a lot of Zenny for this. After you interact with Oscar in Beat Square, a new mission comes where players have to wear judo attire.

You will find tops and bottoms for 10,800 Zenny at the Drippin’ Style shop. After you are dressed, go back to Oscar, and you will head to France, where after visiting the judoka, there will be a fight, and once the scene ends, you will find Manon. 

Street Fighter 6 - Manon


You will get him sometime around Chapter 8 at night as you visit Beat Street Hong Hu Men. It is the street to the side where you discovered Chun-Li. As you travel on your right side, a ladder is here towards the end. Get to the top, and you will find Jamie. 

Street Fighter 6 - Jamie


Speaking of Chun-Li, you will find her in Chapter 2 around China Town of Metro City. There will be a cutscene that brings both her and Li-Fen. 

Street Fighter 6 - Chun Li


After you have come across Honda, go to Genbu Temple in Japan, where you will find Ryu. Click a picture of him, and you can now know his style. 

Street Fighter 6 - Ryu


Players have to be alert regarding the side quests for Lily. Along Chapters 4-1, there will be The Spirit Guide side quest. The ladder on which you found Kimberly, goes down the same street, and you will come across Ana. Take down the NPC in China Town and get back to her to go to the Thunderfoot Settlement in Mexico.

You will fight Lily; after it is done, you will learn from her. 

Street Fighter 6 - Lily


You will meet Juri towards the beginning in England as you are traveling with Bosch. However, she comes as Master later on through A Hardboiled Adventure mission in Chapter 12. After the hangout in Nayshall is unlocked, go to Central Bazaar and talk with Govind.

Interact with all the NPCs on the map and forward the time tonight. Get to the eastern alleyway and take down the NPC there. Juri, the Master is found as you go down the alley. Once again, you will have to learn from her after the fight, and she will teach you. 

Street Fighter 6 - Juri


She is in the tutorial on the introduction to world travel. The Search for the Bag mission begins and finishes as you interact with Counterfeiter Leonardo in the south of the Downtown Area. Leonardo is standing on the big bridge, and you will find a staircase going to the bridge opposite the ladders that made you find Kimberly.

After you find him, gather the stuff needed for a counterfeit purse and return it. Head over to Colosseo in Italy and battle Marissa before interacting with her later. 

Street Fighter 6 - Marisa


Ken is gotten early, but you can find them later too. Get to the construction site around Metro City, and you will meet a worker who will insist that you wear the Safety Helmet Gear before continuing. The side quest Safety First will give you this, which is gotten after finishing The Search for the Bag mission. The worker is near the SiRN Building Area and is tasked with finding the stolen helmet. The thief is present outside of the Training Center.

Take down the thief, and you will get the hat. The Hat is also available for 2,000 Zenny from Gammorah present at Urban Park around the Municipal Parking area at a future point in the game. Now, visit the construction site in the daytime, and after viewing the cutscene with Ken, take down Gus of level 22 as he is stopping you. That is why we suggest doing it later than the beginning since you will also level up by then. 

Street Fighter 6 - Ken


Players going through Chapters 8-7 will wear the SiRN Lab coat. Go to the construction site in Metro City, where you will find Jonathan. He will instruct you to visit Grace Marina pier and talk with the marked NPC before being transported to the military aircraft zone. Guile will show up after a short fight with a few drones and talk with him several times afterward. 

Street Fighter 6 - Guile


Your gateway to the remaining Masters whom you will meet at the Training Center as the tutorial ends. 

Street Fighter 6 - Luke


There is a side quest in Chapter 9 around the Yoga Statue in the south of Metro City. Visit during the daytime, and you will find Anik. You will have to purchase a statue for 7,000 Zenny. Return to your hideout and change tonight.

Go back to Anik, and there will be a fight. After it concludes, you will get a ticket to Dhalsimer Temple in India. As you interact with Dhalsim, you will learn his style. 

Street Fighter 6 - Dhalsim


JP will only be found after the main story gets over. You will have to go to the Suval’hal Arena Entrance during the night. Interact with JP after the time is night, and you will reach him after you go up a set of stairs at a distance. 

Street Fighter 6 -JP

Street Fighter 6: What are the best gifts for each Master

Once they are unlocked, gifts can be given to any Street Fighter Master. They can be acquired by exploring or completing certain side activities, and when given, they will forever increase the recipient’s affinity.

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The gift will determine the amount raised; an average or inappropriate selection will only raise it by one or two points. In addition, we must reach a maximum of 100 for the classic costume to be unlocked; consequently, it was initially suggested that each Master receive the best gift possible, which would award 5 points each time.

However, purchasing the cheapest gifts that grant +2 each time is more cost-effective. The only drawback is that it will take longer to reach 100 affinities because you can only gift one item at a time, so you will have to use the menu more.

However, I believe this is worth grinding tens of thousands of additional Zenny. You will see unique dialogue for gifting them below, but it’s not all that interesting so I wouldn’t bother, but it’s your choice. I will leave the list of the best items for those who want them.

If you want the least expensive options, Any of these three items will have to be purchased.

Street Fighter 6 - Luxury Heat Pack

Luxury Heat Pack: Shopkeeper Udon, Metro City
Fighter Magazine Special Issue: Shopkeeper Biz, Metro City
Prepaid Card: Shopkeeper Dora, Nayshall

The good news is that each item will grant either a 1+ or a 2+, costing 1,800. Nonetheless, they don’t give off an impression of being generally acknowledged at a similar level. A Luxury Heat Pack, for instance, will grant you a bonus of +2, whereas a Prepaid Card will only give you a bonus of +1. The Fighter Magazine, which provides +2, is Luke’s favorite, as the others only offer +1.

It’s only a matter of guessing between three items, so it shouldn’t take long to figure out which will give you +2 to help speed up the process. You may need to try it out. In any event, this will save you a ton of time crushing.

The ideal gifts that award +5 range from 5,300 to an incredible 6,800! For a difference of three points, that is a very significant difference in Zenny. Continue playing through the story mode until the item is unlocked if you do not have access to the vendor or if they do not stock it.

Street Fighter 6 - Gifts masters

  • Kimberly: The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Cammy: Jellied Eel (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Juri: Wrench (Dhalsimer Temple, India)
  • Ryu: Instant Soba (Metro City, Urban Park, Chanko House Edomon Shopkeeper)
  • Dee Jay: Lukewarm Beer (Ranger’s Hut)
  • Chun-Li: Canned Hearing (Shopkeeper Dora, Nayshall)
  • Blanka: Knock-off Blanka-chan doll (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • JP: Antique Playing Cards (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • E Honda: Rubber Duckies (Colosseo, Italy)
  • Jamie: Bao Bao Bro Sticker (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Ken: Cookbook (Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico)
  • Lily: Celery Chips (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Dhalsim: Instant Curry Ultra Mild (Old Nayshall, Shopkeeper Tsanpa)
  • Luke: Red Elevator 8 (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Marisa: Cold Tomato Soup (Fête Foraine, France)
  • Zangief: Wooden Bear (Barmaley Steelworks, Russia)
  • Manon: Beaujolais (Bather’s Beach, Jamaica)
  • Guile: Natto (Genbu Temple, Japan)

Street Fighter 6: How to Farm and Grind Zenny

Now that we know which presents to get, we must earn enough Zenny to purchase them. Regardless of your choice, you will likely remain here for some time if you intend to unlock every classic and alternative outfit in this manner.

Throughout World Tour, you can earn Zenny through battle, side missions, and minigames. However, I recommend playing minigames for quick Zenny because they make you the most quickly.

While playing a minigame, pick the Hardest choice. While Hard makes you the most money, Normal also gives you a lot of Zenny. If you have already completed a set high score on Normal difficulty and Hard has not yet been unlocked, you must complete more of the story.

The vast majority of the Hard won’t occur until close to the furthest limit of the story. A pop-up will appear when a new difficulty option is added to a particular minigame.

The story is likewise lengthy, yet I suppose if you are scrambling for a particular person ensemble, then Normal mode might be enough for you.

On most Normal minigames, I could quickly obtain more than 9,000 Zenny, so this should be fine. If you want to complete World Tour’s story, you might want to hold off on this grind until the end of the game if you wish to get Zenny.

Street Fighter 6 - Getting Zenny

I likewise suggest the Compensation Day capacity in the ability tree. This makes the Zenny you get from these minigames go up. It will accelerate the interaction, particularly if you intend to procure all of the different ensembles without paying genuine cash. Although this may not sound like a lot, Pay Day should add 1,500 and 3,500 Zenny to any game you play. Over time, this will add up.

You may need to reset your skill tree if you choose a different skill by accident or no longer have enough points to select it. In this instance, use the SPACEBAR to open the in-game phone menu and enter your skill tree. Go to the status screen and explore the ability tree. Go to the page that has the ability.

10 Continues are required to reset the skill tree, which is not free. One continue is worth 10,000 miles. Miles can be earned by breaking barrels or wooden crates throughout Metro City, completing objectives when fighting NPCs (pressing T before battling them to see what rewards they give), and sometimes just walking around.

If you aren’t fighting a lot, they aren’t easy to grind, so don’t worry if you can’t get the skill before you start. Assuming the expertise is accessible to you, try to open it.

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What game do you play, then? Ball Block Blitz is another option if you prefer games with much execution, but I believe Scrap Heap is the clear winner. But here’s the kicker: during the 99-ball toss, you can’t miss a ball and must get a few perfect parries to regain your gauge. If you don’t get an ideal parry on even one ball, your gauge will go down before you finish, and failing will cost you far less Zenny.

The prize may be worth the effort on the off chance that you can reliably consummate repel, much more so on the off chance that you can consummate repel the white balls, which increment your general score. I was able to earn 40,000. Although spending 40,000 Zenny every two minutes sounds appealing, there are faster and more effective methods.

Sticking with the Scrap Heap minigames is the most consistent and straightforward approach after experimenting with others.

The primary game is fundamental, annihilate the truck in 99 seconds or less. All you need is Marisa’s Gladius and Ken’s style for a deadly and straightforward combo. You should utilize his Standing Hard Punch and combo it into Gladius, do this process again until you have won. It’s that simple, and you’ll always get over 17,000 Zenny.

Likewise, a spin-off of this minigame, suitably named Garbage Dump 2, is opened in Nayshall later in the story. In this one, you have 60 seconds to destroy as many rickshaws as possible before the game ends. Use Ken’s style and Standing HP + Gladius to your advantage, as previously advised. \

My usual score is 9, which nets me a Zenny payout of more than $31,000. Even though it takes longer to complete, this may appear to be the better option due to the increased earnings. SH2 takes a full minute, whereas SH1 can be completed in about 20 seconds if you follow my instructions.

I tested by playing both and perceiving the amount I could procure shortly. I completed eight full games of Scrap Heap 1 and earned 144,000 coins; however, the timer stopped working about halfway through the ninth game.

After that, I played Scrap Heap 2 simultaneously and won 124,000 after scraping through four full games. I was slightly into it when the timer went off on the fifth attempt.

SH2 might be more useful if there is a way to eliminate more rickshaws in less than 60 seconds. In any case, as it is presently, SH1 gave me improved results. Let me know if you can figure out how to make this significantly more proficient, and I’ll refresh the article with this data.

There are other minigames to attempt, yet some of them are cumbersome (Kung-Fu Target) or can be abnormal or problematic to over and over clear with a high score since they are more straightforward to come up short (Hado-Pizza and Ball Block Barrage). To avoid headaches, I recommend crushing the truck or rickshaws.

Thus, there are some ways in which you will be able to grind for Zenny in the game. They will come in convenient for the gifts to your Master. You will be able to learn all their moves as you find them throughout Street Fighter 6 while also getting them the classic costumes. 

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