Destiny 2: Austringer God Roll (PvP and PvE) and How To Get

The weapon from the Opulent Menagerie series is the first Hand Cannon that you will be able to craft. Austringer has many great combinations for Player v Player (PvP) and Player v (PvE) situations. We will see God Roll for them in this guide!

Destiny 2 - Austringer Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 – Austringer – How To Get and God Roll

The Austringer Hand Cannon is the first in its series to be crafted in the game through the Enclave on Mars. Therefore, you will be able to get all the better versions of the already existing perks as the game goes on.

You will need to finish the Deepsight Resonance variations to get the pattern of the Hand Cannon. Players have to have five of them, which is the case with all Opulent Menagerie weapons.

Having crafted your weapon, players can level up throughout the game as they get more kills through any means. No matter which version of the Hand Cannon you are looking for, you have to get from Umbral Engrams in the H.E.L.M. through the Crown of Sorrow.

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However, you will need extra Crown of Sorrow upgrades if you are going after the Deepsight Resonance version. For this, you can head over to the Figments of Darkness.

Furthermore, you can use Opulent Keys in the game which unlock Opulent Chests found in the Derelict Leviathan, which contain the Austringer Hand Cannon. 

Destiny 2 - Austringer Hand Cannon Perks

Destiny 2 – Austringer God Roll for PvP and PvE

Alongside the likes of Unforgiven, Epicurean Fusion Rifle, and Staccato-46, among many others, players are spoilt for choice in what they can use. One of the old favorites making a return is the Austringer Hand Cannon.

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There is a lot of familiarity for players who have previously played with the Austringer Hand Cannon in Destiny 2. The Hammer-Forged Rifling and Ricochet Rounds are great for PvE and PvP activities, with the former having more options.

Ricochet Rounds can be substituted with High-Caliber and Armor-Piercing Rounds as well for the same missions. In order to complete the Gambit, Vanguard, and Crucible missions, you can go for the following perks in PvE and PvP settings:

  • Snapshot/Rangefinder: A great choice for PvP activities.
  • Triple Tap/Demolitionist: This is the overall best and common choice for Austringer God Roll in both PvP and PvE
  • Outlaw/Frenzy: One of the newest perks for the Hand Cannon, that seamlessly replaces Rampage in-game. 
  • Eye of the Storm/Opening Shot: This is another popular choice for PvP, which players can go for.
  • Compulsive Reloader/Rampage: A good pick for PvE content in Destiny 2

The third column can also use Triple Tap and Eye of the Storm, while the fourth can hold Demolitionist and Opening Shot. Furthermore, the Austringer Hand Cannon has the basic origin trait of ‘To Excess.’

When players have Super Full, this levels up their Strength and Discipline. This makes the Demolitionist redundant, though the grenade build will still need it alongside the armor mods in the game. 

Last Updated on January 12, 2024

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