Street Fighter 6: What Is The Drive System And The Different Moves

The release of Street Fighter 6 continues the journey of the storied franchise that has seen it garner fans worldwide. There is a lot of kickass action for players to dive into the new edition as well, with Drive System being one of the most exciting aspects.

The Drive System has been juiced with several additional moves and mechanics in Street Fighter 6. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand the Drive System and how it works. 

Street Fighter 6 (SF6): What are the Drive System and the different moves

Drive Gauge

Before we begin to talk about the different moves, players must get familiar with the Drive Gauge, a common feature in Street Fighter. It is the green bar situated beneath the health bar.

Making a Drive will cost a portion of your drive gauge, while blocking will also lessen it through chip damage. After your Drive Gauge gets finished, players will go into a burnout level where they will be unable to make drive moves till it gets full again.

Players will also be hit with chip damage straight to the health bar since the Drive Gauge is empty. 

Drive Rush

Street Fighter 6 - Drive Rush

It will allow you to negate a bunch of normal moves via a dash that will eat up three bars of the drive. You can narrow the gap and make longer-lasting combinations which would have been impossible in other situations.

The catch is players will not be able to defend special moves through this, and only a few normal moves can also be done. Players can use Drive Rush to move out of a Drive Parry, which will cost one bar. The Drive Rush feature will help surprise opponents and give you an advantage in many situations. 

Drive Impact

Street Fighter 6 - Drive Impact

It is a big armored move that will enable you to make a significant move on your opponent and shoves them back on the block too. It is a very helpful move when you have positioned an opponent into a corner, enabling you to push them against the wall and juggle through the air.

You will get a more significant advantage if the opponent has burnt out before the wall hit, so it acts to fully stun them for some time, enabling you to hit a super full combination. After the opponent returns from the stun, the Drive Gauge will begin filling up again.

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When blocking or avoiding a Drive Impact, players can parry the Drive Impact, get their own Drive Impact going, or perform a neutral jump and punish. 

Drive Reversal 

Street Fighter 6 - Overdrive

Players will be familiar with this one since they have already done V-Reversals in Street Fighter V. When players are blocking, they can use the Drive Gauge to shove the opponent and make a little space. 

Drive Parry

Street Fighter 6 - Drive Parry Chop

Players can stay in Drive Parries to remain in the position, which will help absorb strikes. However, your Drive Gauge will keep emptying the longer you hold it. Of course, a successful Drive Parry will enable you to fill up a part of the Drive Gauge.

That is why players have to be extremely careful when it comes to using Drive Parry because if you do it while it is too low, burnout will happen, causing you to render it a failure.

Street Fighter 6 - Perfect Parry

Drive Parry will not always be perfect, either, since your opponents can stop it. Players who execute a perfect parry will see the game slowed down for a few seconds to get the punishment onto their opponent.

However, players are also advised to be watchful in these situations since the opponent may be able to do things fully well, meaning you will struggle to attack. 


Street Fighter 6 - Overdrive

These are the EX moves we have seen from the earlier editions of Street Fighter. Players must use up two bars of the Drive Gauge to do a special move’s even stronger version. It is the same type of buttons for the classic controllers as the normal special moves with the addition of punches and kicks. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Drive System in Street Fighter 6. It is one of the more essential mechanics of the game that will become very useful as you get thrown into different situations during your battles. 

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

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