How the Modifiers Function in Aether Gazer

In Aether Gazer, the term “Modifiers” refers to your combat units, essentially character avatars within the game. This can be initially confusing, as it might suggest some kind of equipment that modifies stats. However, “Modifiers” simply refer to the characters themselves.

How Modifiers Work in Aether Gazer

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive explanation of how Modifiers operate in the game.

Understanding Modifiers in Aether Gazer

Each Modifier possesses a range of skills, stats, and equipment options. You can access and customize your units at any time through the “Modifier” screen, located at the bottom left of the main menu. 

On the right side of the screen, you’ll find a breakdown of each character’s stats and abilities. At the top of the rightmost panel, you can observe their Element, Type, and Mechanism, which function as follows:

  • Element: Represents the type of elemental damage the character deals, such as Physical or Fire.
  • Type: Defines the character’s playstyle, with Melee characters focusing on close-quarters combat and Ranged characters attacking from a distance.
  • Mechanism: Refers to the overall mechanic governing how a character utilizes their skills. For example, Energy characters gain power by waiting, while Rage characters gain power by frequently attacking.

Below that, you’ll find the four main stats for each character, as well as their overall Combat Power (CP). These stats operate as follows:

  • ATK: Indicates the character’s attack power, with higher ATK resulting in greater damage per hit.
  • DEF: Reflects the character’s overall defense, where higher DEF leads to reduced damage taken when attacked.
  • Max HP: Represents the character’s maximum Health Points (HP). Characters are defeated when their HP reaches zero.
  • Crit: Denotes the character’s base chance of performing random critical hits.


Modifiers possess various abilities that can be activated by consuming their Mechanism resource during battles. These abilities differ significantly between characters, ensuring each one is unique. However, all characters share common features, including a Normal Attack, four Skills, one Dodge Skill, and one Ultimate Skill.

  • Normal Attack: The basic regular attack with no cooldown. While it is the weakest skill, it often replenishes Mechanism.
  • Skills: Unique abilities specific to each character, varying extensively among them. These skills generally consume the Mechanism resource and have cooldown periods.
  • Dodge Skill: A distinct skill activated by successfully timing your dodge just before an enemy attack connects.
  • Ultimate Skill: A highly potent skill that requires charging and has a lengthy cooldown period. It charges more quickly when using other skills and timing dodges correctly.
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Additionally, there are “Ultimate Skillchains,” which are special combinations that can only be performed by having specific combinations of characters in your party.

Access Keys

Although the name might be peculiar, “Access Keys” represent the weapons of your Modifiers. They can be upgraded using resources, primarily boosting the character’s ATK stat. But that’s not all! You can also equip unique “Functors” onto the Access Keys. 

\Functors are mainly obtained through the game’s gacha system, providing a wide range of game-altering bonuses. Some Functors simply enhance stats, while others fundamentally alter a character’s playstyle.

Sigils and Codes

Sigils are special gems that can be equipped on your Modifier, with each sigil belonging to a specific set. These sigils serve as one of the primary methods to enhance your character’s stats and equipping three sigils from the same set grants additional set bonuses, such as increased ATK.

You can equip up to six Sigils, so ideally, you’d want to have two different sets equipped simultaneously for the most significant bonuses. Lastly, Codes function as talent trees for each Modifier.

Each character offers three distinct paths to follow, but you’ll need to unlock various nodes in the tree first. The methods of unlocking nodes may vary slightly for each character but primarily involve leveling up and utilizing the specific character. 

Each path consists of only three nodes, and you can activate up to three Codes simultaneously, limiting your selection. However, these buffs are highly beneficial for customizing each character to suit your playstyle.

Feel free to choose whichever path you prefer, as respecting is possible at any time without incurring any resource cost.

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

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