Street Fighter 6 – Communication Error – How To Fix

The launch of Street Fighter 6 has been met with greatly positive reviews in the opening few days. Players have been itching to get their hands on the new game in the much-beloved gaming franchise.

You can play with all the familiar characters and perform the best moves as you attempt to take down the opponents. Street Fighter 6 allows you to play across consoles, so you can have your friends join as well. Nevertheless, there has been an irritating communication problem on online servers. Here is how to solve the problem in your game and get back to playing entirely. 

Street Fighter 6: What is the communication error, and how to fix it

When players see the communication error, it indicates that the game’s connection to the online servers is interrupted, leading to a general lag, stoppages, and getting disconnected. Of course, this causes many problems for players competing online, and players are looking for solutions that will help them get rid of the issue quickly. 

Street Fighter 6 - resolving communication error

The communication error can originate from many areas, including a poor internet connection, servers undergoing maintenance, offline servers, or even the game’s software, leading to the problems. If it is the last one, players must wait for the developers to provide patches and updates addressing the error. In the meantime, there are some steps players can take on their own to try and resolve the problem. 

Restart/reset the modem or router.

For players will unstable internet connections, the first trick is to restart and reset the modem, which will refresh the settings. You can take out the plug and then settle it down for a minute before plugging it in again. Once the lights and signals are back, typically, players can attempt to rejoin the game’s online servers. 

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Check the speed of the internet connection.

The game has a recommended internet speed of 8 MBPS, so players must fix it if their internet provides less. You should make sure of your current internet speed by checking it first, which will give you details about the download and upload speeds. If you are unable to increase it, ask the ISP for help. 

Street Fighter 5 - restarting system

Servers normalizing themselves

Often, the issues can lie with the development side of the game. The servers themselves can get overloaded and cause the connection to break often. Capcom has also said that they are currently trying to resolve the errors noted by them to provide a smooth gaming experience for one and all. 

Start your system again.

A simple fix that players can do on their own. Once you exit the game, players can restart their PC or their choice of console, and once it finishes, restart the game. This may help in resolving the communication error that players have encountered. 

Thus, that is all the information players need when fixing the communication error issue. Some players may need one or more of the fixes combined as every case differs based on settings and system. 

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

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