The Last Of Us Part I: Full List Of Every Comic Book Location

The return of The Last of Us series’ latest version signified by the Part I. We are treated to the partnership of Joel and Ellie as they make their way on a dangerous venture.

Additionally, there are loads of trophies to collect in this iteration with ‘Endure and Survive‘ being one of them. This involves gathering all the Starlight Savage comics present in the game.

All of the collected comics will come up in the ‘Chapters’ tab of the main menu, present in the collections readout on the screen that comes up.

As there are quite some comics to find, the following guide will help players in searching for all of them. 

The Last of Us Part 1 - Savage Starlight

The Last of Us Part I: All about the comic books

We get the first glimpse of the comic books when Ellie grabs on from Bill during Chapter 4. That sets the storyline on the path to gathering comic books, which are available from Pittsburgh and in all future locations.

They come up with some text when interacted with, and of course, help in your progress for the trophy itself. Furthermore, the collection of all trophies will also help in getting closer to the Platinum Trophy at the end.

The Last of Us Part I: Pittsburgh – Alone and Forsaken

There are two comics here, with the first one already gotten by Ellie at the end of Chapter 4. Therefore, you have to reach Pittsburgh in the car to start your own collection. 

Comic 1 – Volume 3: Force Carrier

Already received beforehand.

Comic 2 – Volume 1: Termination Shock

  • Once you have slayed the Hunters who ambush in the beginning and crossed a building containing illegal items, Joel will come to a yellow bridge some distance away
  • You two will drop down to the street below, there is a bus in front
  • I wanted to check it out from inside, and that is where the second comic is present, towards the back on the floor. 

The Last of Us Part I: Pittsburgh – Hotel Lobby

After reaching the hotel, you two will head in different directions. After getting back together, the player will see how Joel’s life was saved by Ellie.

Comic 1 – Volume 6: Accretion

  • Once the scene finishes, go back up the ladder from which Joel fell and move left
  • Go left again, and you will come into a lounge area with a cracked floor
  • Joel will move across them to grab the comic present on the side table by the couch. 

The Last of Us Part 1: Pittsburgh – Escape the City

You will have to dodge a problematic APC and after crossing some ledges, Joel will cross a window before a scene shows them meeting Henry and Sam. 

Comic 1 – Volume 10: Deep Phase

  • After the scene finishes, all four of you will be exiting the apartment and down a staircase
  • Just before getting all the way down, there is a shiv door that goes to a different apartment
  • There is a comic present on a particular desk in a bedroom.

The Last of Us Part 1 - Joel Comic

The Last of Us Part I: The Suburbs – Sewers

I found myself on a beach after a tough confrontation between Joel and Henry. There is a blue sailboat present, which you have to get on. 

Comic 1 – Volume 11: Anti Particles

  • Once you get on the boat, the maiden comic of the chapter is present on the dashboard of the bridge. 

The Last of Us Part 1: The Suburbs – Suburbs

After battling the Clickers through the sewers, you will find yourselves in the proper suburbs of the city. There are many houses all around the neighborhood. 

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Comic 1 –  Volume 12: Messenger Particle

  • Joel will be going around some of the houses and the comic is sitting on a desk in the top floor bedroom of one house. 

The Last of Us Part I: Tommy’s Dam – Hydroelectric Dam

You are going down a broken-down Jackson road till you come to a landslide. Once you are down and start traveling down the riverside, there will be an upturned car.

Comic 1 – Volume 5: Foreign Element

  • At the end of the car, having spotted the car, Joel will collect the comic laying near it. 

The Last of Us Part 1: Tommy’s Dam – Ranch House

The second comic will come after some time, once the dam is under attack before Ellie is separated. 

Comic 1 – Volume 12: Zero Point

  • Once Joel and Tommy find out where Ellie is hiding, the comic is present on the window ledge of the bedroom up the staircase.

The Last of Us Part 1: The University – Go Big Horns

Once you move Callus around and go down the opposite direction of the University of Eastern Colorado. 

  • After walking some distance, there will be a group of mashed-up cars 
  • Joel will find the comic lying on the back seat of a white-colored car.

The Last of Us Part 1: Lakeside Resort – Cabin Resort

You are now Ellie when she goes to search for food. You will follow a deer across the woods to a mining camp. Once inside, Ellie will go inside a tiny room to the left and Volume 4: Uncertainty will be present within a desk drawer.

The Last of Us Part 1 - Ellie Comic

The Last of Us Part 1: Lakeside Resort – Cabin Resort

Ellie will soon be involved in a horseback chase before losing track of Callus. There is a battle against David’s Hunters before you cross a walkway that ends with a collapsed pipe. 

Comic 1 – Volume 8: Negentropy

  • Once you crawl through the pipe and go up the staircase, there is the comic on the bench above the lake.

The Last of Us Part 1: Bus Depot – Highway Exit

Joel and Ellie will come across giraffes before a cutscene appears. Once it finishes, go down the staircase and you will be in an area containing a chain link fence. 

Comic 1 – Volume 9: Precipitate

  • Head inside the bathroom on your right and the comic is lying on the floor near a skeleton.

The Last of Us Part I: Bus Depot – Underground Tunnel 

The second last comic is inside the subway that you will enter once you move past the three Bloaters.

You will swim through an underwater bus, and drop down a ladder for Ellie. Volume 13: Catalysis can be seen to the left of the tunnel, above ventilation ducts. 

The Last of Us Part I: Jackson – Epilogue

Firefly Lab is absent of comics with the last one coming in Jackson after you are Ellie again. Once you get through the wire fence, there is a small forest to cross.

  • Going to your right, there is an old, broken-down truck that has a comic on the driver’s seat. 

Thus, that is all of the comics now collected. Players will receive the trophy after gathering them, and it is a fun side quest to have in mind in the various locations. 

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