The Last Of Us Part 1: Full Trophy List

The return of the latest iteration of The Last of Us Part 1 has players journeying along on PS5. Joel and Ellie must fight soldiers, looters, and the Infected as they try to protect the world from Cordyceps virus.

The quest to find the Fireflies is long and ardous with several trophies up for grabs.

Developers Naughty Dog have bettered their philosophies of inclusivity and accessibility for all types of gamers.

Therefore, the trophies will be tasting extra sweet this time around and the following is the list of trophies you can earn in the game and the way to acquire them.

The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us Part 1: All Trophies 

  • It Can’t Be For Nothing (Platinum): Get all trophies 
  • Endure and Survive (Gold): Acquire every comic in the game
  • That’s All I Got (Gold): Get through each joke of Ellie
  • No Matter What (Gold): Finish Part 1
  • Chronicles (Gold): Search and gather all notes and artifacts
  • Don’t Go (Gold): Finish Left Behind
  • Getting To Know You (Gold): Take part in all the optional conversations in the game
  • Look For The Light (Gold): Discover all the Firefly pendants
  •  Sticky Fingers (Silver): Crack open every Safe in the game
  • Combat Ready (Silver): Get a weapon upgraded to its highest level
  • Prepared For The Worst (Silver): Search and find all workbenches
  • Something To Fight For (Silver): Gather all the training manuals
  • Build Em Up, Break Em Down (Silver): Get each melee weapon to break after upgrading them
  • Master Of Unlocking (Silver): Use shivs to pry open all the locked doors

The Last of Us Part 1 - Trophy List

  • Sharpest Tool In The Shed (Silver): Get all the tools for workbenches
  • In Memorium (Bronze): Grab the note from Frank after it’s thrown away
  • Savage Starlight Fan (Bronze): Get a comic
  • Fallen Firefly (Bronze): Gather a Firefly Pendant
  • Lights Out (Bronze): Switch off the spotlight generation in Pittsburg by being in stealth mode
  • Self Help (Bronze): Get a training manual
  • Geared Up (Bronze): Build every item available
  • Live Bait (Bronze): Have an Infected strike down a human through taunting it with bricks or bottles
  • Waterlogged (Bronze): Go down the sewer contraption with Henry and Sam by your side
  • Angel Knives (Bronze): Avoid being struck while beating Black Fang
  • Left Hanging (Bronze): After having a job well done, keep Ellie hanging
  • Nobody’s Perfect (Bronze): Enjoy the Jak X game inside Left Behind
  • Skillz (Bronze): Become winner in the water gun battle
  • Brick Master (Bronze): Same as the water gun, win the brick throwing competition
  • Who’s A Good Boy (Bronze): Meet and pet Buckley, the dog.
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The list contains trophies from main story and the Left Behind DLC as Naughty Dog has heavily focused on players achieving the Platinum level.

There is no multiplayer option right now, with that coming soon. 

Thus, that is all the number of trophies you can collect in the game. There are some which require more hard work than others, but they can all be gotten as the game progresses. 

Last Updated on September 5, 2022

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