The Witch’s Hut Fuse Location in Alan Wake 2

The Witch’s Hut Fuse Location in Alan Wake 2 – In the dark and perilous world of Alan Wake 2, light is your ultimate ally against the encroaching darkness. One of your first challenges is locating the Witch’s Hut Fuse, a crucial element in ensuring your survival.

Here’s a detailed guide on where to find the Witch’s Hut Fuse in Alan Wake 2, allowing you to harness the power of light and continue your journey safely.

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The Witch’s Hut Fuse Location in Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, finding the Witch’s Hut Fuse is crucial for survival against the darkness. After a specific story moment, follow Saga’s guidance to locate the missing fuse near the Witch’s Hut.

Explore the area, finding the fuse hidden among blue containers atop oil drums. Return the fuse to the hut’s fuse box, illuminating the safe room, your sole saving grace in the game.

This guide ensures you understand the significance of the Witch’s Hut Fuse, emphasizing its role in providing light, safety, and progress-saving capabilities.

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Visiting the Witch’s Hut

Early in the game, you might have stumbled upon the Witch’s Hut near Cauldron Lake. However, it’s not until a specific story moment that you can truly make use of it.

At this juncture, Saga, your companion, will alert you that the hut’s interior doesn’t match the manuscript’s description. To address this, you must venture outside.

Locating the Missing Fuse

Exit the hut and head towards the side of the house, where you’ll find the fuse box. Saga will point out the absence of a fuse. Turn around from the fuse box and cross the nearby bridge.

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Along your path, you’ll encounter a white box, but it’s not the fuse you need. Keep walking until you spot two chairs on your right and a peculiar assortment of items within a makeshift enclosure on your left.

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Finding the Fuse (Location)

Inspect the blue containers placed atop the oil drums. Amidst the clutter, you’ll discover the much-needed fuse. It might be a small object, but it holds immense significance in your battle against the darkness.

Returning the Fuse

With the fuse in your possession, hurry back to the Witch’s Hut and insert it into the fuse box. As you do so, the previously darkened interior will be illuminated, transforming the hut into a safe room.

This safe room serves as your sanctuary, the sole place where you can save your progress. Until now, your journey has relied solely on checkpoints, making this safe room a vital discovery.

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Utilizing the Safe Room

Recognize the importance of the Witch’s Hut safe room as it becomes your refuge in the game. The ability to save your progress here provides security in the face of the unknown.

This particular safe room necessitates your effort to set it up; however, subsequent safe rooms you encounter will be readily available, requiring no additional preparation.


Securing the Witch’s Hut Fuse marks a pivotal moment in your adventure in Alan Wake 2. Armed with light, you have not only illuminated a previously darkened refuge but also gained the ability to save your progress, granting you the courage to face the challenges that lie ahead.

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