Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Chaos Chamber Curse Modifiers Guide

If you have completed your 40 Levels in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and finished the story, The Chaos Chamber should be unlocked for you. Along with different Curses and their modifiers, Chaos Chamber offers great loot.

In order to get the loot you want, you need to know Chaos Chamber inside out. Collecting Crystals, accessing portals, and ultimately, defeating enemies with good builds is what this activity is all about. Know your Curses and modifiers to make these runs easy peasy.

Wonderlands curse modifiers guide

All Curse Levels and Modifiers in Wonderlands

I will be going over each Curse level along with the Curses they contain. As you may have already noticed, there are certain modifiers for each curse, and knowing them becomes crucial to making the correct build for your Fatemaker. Check them out…

Easy Curse Level

The Easy Curse Level has the following features and Modifiers:

  • +30% Bonus Crystals.
  • +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemies Demise.

easy curse level

Here are the rest of the curses and their modifiers:

REND AND RUPTURE – Non-Boss enemies below 20% Health glow blue and explode into a health potion if hit with Melee.

PARTY TIME – Slaying an enemy has a 10% chance of causing a LOOTSPLOSION! Critical Hits guarantee an enemy to Lootsplode.

CRITICAL CONNOISSEUR – +50% to critical damage and -50% to All other damages.

ANARCHY – +25% Weapon damage, +100% Recoil, +100% weapon spread.

EXPNCROACHING DARKNESS – Save your Soul Time is reduced.

TRUST IN MAGIC – -50% maximum health and +100% Maximum Ward.

WATCH YOUR STEP – Encounters will have additional traps.

Medium Curse Level

The Medium Curse Level has the following features and Modifiers:

  • +60% Bonus Crystals.
  • +25% Crystal Drop Chance on enemy demise.

medium curse level

Check out the rest of the curses and their modifiers:

NULLIFY – When damaged, enemies gain a 3% damage reduction to the type of damage received for 3 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 20 times.

TRAPPED HEARTS – When hit, enemies have a chance to spawn spinner traps. These traps emit damaging elemental beams. When destroyed, the Spinner will explode and cause significant damage.

BREAK IT UP! – Enemy damage and fire rate is increased by 30% while near other enemies.

FROZEN VENGEANCE – Killing an enemy has a chance to release a Frost Buddy. Frost Orbs constantly release Frost Novas and are slowed when damaged. 

WORKPLACE HAZARDS – Non-Boss encounters now have additional Hazards.

MAGMA BREACH – A pool of lava will spawn after dealing or taking damage for a duration while not moving in encounters.

NASTY SPILL – Enemies drop elemental pools when their armor, wards, or health is depleted.

HEALING VENGEANCE – Killing an Enemy has a chance to release a healing soul. Healing the first enemy, it touches and drops healing potions if killed.

Hard Curse Level

The Hard Curse Level has the following features and Modifiers:

  • +120% Bonus Crystals
  • +25% Crystal Drop Chance on Enemies Demise.

hard curse level

Take a look at the rest of the curses and their modifiers:

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STAY BACK – At closer range, enemies will attach a damaging elemental beam to you.

ELEMENTAL OVERFLOW – Enemies may be infused with one element per encounter. Infused enemies are immune to that particular elemental damage and release a Nova when slain. The element type will change for each encounter.

ROGUE LITE – You no longer enter “Save your Soul” after getting down. All enemies drop a health potion on death.

SPECTRAL VENGEANCE – Slaying an enemy has a chance to drop a Spectre, which will follow you. If the Spectre touches you, you instantly enter “Save Your Soul”.

OUT, DAMNED DOT! – Status effect damage against enemies is reduced by 80%.

BULWARK BUDDIES – Enemies may be supported by a Bulwark Buddy, which grants them immunity to all damage until it is destroyed.

SEARING TETHER – Nearby enemies are attached to a damaging elemental beam.

BUFF BUDDIES – Enemies have a chance to spawn with a Buff Buddy supporting them.

TOOTHLESS – -75% Critical Hit Damage.

Which Curses and Modifiers To Avoid

If you are into this endgame activity, you have a good knowledge of when to avoid which curses and their modifiers. If you take your build to the wrong curse, you may be in for the worst run of your life. Take a look at some suggestive tips on Which Curse Modifiers To Avoid:

  • Rogue Lite  – Try to do this on the lower-tier Chaos Level. Not recommended for high-tier runs.
  • Elemental Overflow – If you rely on single elemental damage, avoid this modifier at all costs.
  • Out, Damned DOT! – If your build is pure elemental and has no non-elemental damage to it.
  • Stay Back – Only recommended if your build has High HP and Wards. Otherwise, this will be a struggle to overcome.
  • Toothless – If your build is only based on Critical Damage (For example, Stabomancer), avoid this modifier entirely.

Keeping the above curses and modifiers in mind while Doing Chaos Chamber runs can be quite easy for you in Wonderlands. That would be all for this guide.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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