V Rising – How To Save Game and Respawn

In this guide, I will discuss how you can save the game and respawn in your preferred location. Initially, I was also struggling with this and losing loot in the process. But if you simply follow the ingame, main objectives, you will eventually figure it out.

V Rising how to save and respawn

V Rising – How To Save and Respawn In-Game

Many of you will find it hard to figure out how to save this game on a PvE server. Well if you were looking for the answer to that question, I will help you out in this post.

You will need to do a series of quests and tasks to progress your levels, weapons, and gear in the game. You will also need to do these tasks to unlock new powers. Along with all that, it will also help you unlock the respawn and save feature.

To Respawn and Save in Vrising, you have to do the following:

  • Progress in the game until you have the option to unlock Castle Heart.
  • Once you unlock Castle Heart, place it down. 
  • After that, you need to place down borders to mark the Castle Heart.
  • Now you will need to place two structures, one of which is a Wooden Coffin.
  • You can save the game and Respawn in the game using the Wooden Coffin.

V Rising wooden coffin save and respawn

To properly save the game and load back in safe and sound, make sure you store your belongings in a Treasure Chest inside the Castle Heart. Build a number of walls to safeguard your Castle and power your Castle Heart using Blood Essence.

You can extract Blood Essence by slaying enemies and animals in the game. Usually, I am getting around +6 blood essence per Animal that I can slay. ]

Protection is very important in PvE also. That is because large creatures can attack your Castle and ruin your Save Coffin.

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Press and Hold F to Sleep and Save your game in V Rising using a Wooden Coffin. If you leave, you can simply select the server and respawn back into the same location.

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How To Build a Wooden Coffin?

To construct a wooden coffin, you will need 180 Lumber. You can easily get Lumber by chopping down trees. The most efficient way to chop down trees is by using Axes. The multiplier damage goes up by a lot if you use the correct tool for it.

If you are playing on your dedicated server or hosting a private session, the same method will apply for saving and respawning. There are some rules set by certain server owners, so read the rules before you join a server.

Overall, I am enjoying the game so far and wish to update you with more content as I play along. That would be all from this guide on how to save and respawn in V Rising. Leave your doubts and comments in the section below.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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