Vampire Survivors: How To Get The Stone Mask

It has been a great year for vampire lovers already. With V Rising being a critical hit and a few other titles, players have been spoilt for choice. One of the many games has been Vampire Survivors, with its indie-style survival basis which is easy to play.

It has simplistic graphics, but gamers can find the battles challenging. You are advised to not go rushing into fights against a swarm of bosses. Players can utilize builds that make use of AoE strikes and defences. Furthermore, players can also gain more stat bonuses, gold, and loot through a number of items.

One of those items is the Stone Mask, which can be found on Level 2. The following guide will help players get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors - Stone Mask

Vampire Survivors: How to reach the Stone Mask

There are five major levels in the game, alongside many which can be unlocked as you progress. After surviving for a fixed amount of time at any level, players will be allowed to move on to the next levels.

The game has given you items to use so as to prolong your survival at any particular stage. Additionally, these items will also help you battle vampires and make sure that you are not defeated too easily. Therefore, if you are new to the game, make sure to hunt the different items so that your survival time crosses 30 minutes.

Although you can cross the level in less than half an hour, it is imperative to know how to have builds, get items and survive for as long as possible. 

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Vampire Survivors - Stone Mask Inlaid Library

Vampire Survivors: Where to go in Level 2

The Stone Mask is located in the second level, called the Inlaid Library. You can just stroll over to the item in order to pick it up. Players have to get to Level 20 in the first level, Mad Forest, to unlock the Inlaid Library.

Therefore, you should develop your weapons in a handy manner so that you survive for long times. The 30 minute threshold, of course, also works. The Stone Mask is present in a little alcove at the top of the screen. To confuse players, there are many such alcoves so keep your eyes peeled. Having reached it, select “Get” to collect it. 

The Stone Mask has a passive buff, meaning it increases gold drops by raising your Greed bonus by 10% ay every level. You can use it five times, meaning a 50% increase.

Players can go after newer weapons with this upgrade. Furthermore, players can also better the Gatti Amari weapon by turning it into the Vicious Hunger weapon. Therefore, do make sure you make full use of the Stone Mask in the game. 

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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