Warhammer 40K: Darktide | Config File Location and Settings

Darktide is a fairly enjoyable game, but the enjoyment is diminished by the fact that I can only play at a maximum frame rate of about 20 FPS and that there aren’t many in-game customization options.

How can I further reduce the graphics? Edit the configuration file! This manual clarifies how to locate and change the configuration file in Warhammer 40K: Darktide.

How To Locate And Edit The Config File In Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Config File Location

The user_settings.config file, located in the AppData/Roaming/Fatshark/Darktide/directory, contains the complete game configuration.

The quickest approach to get to it is to type “%appdata%” into the file explorer’s address bar and hit Enter.

How To Edit The Config File

Once you’ve located the file, you can now open it with any text editor—Notepad will do just fine. There are a ton of settings within that aren’t displayed in-game that you can customize.

Make a copy of the file instead, as changing something to erroneous values could render the game unplayable.

My Personal Settings

The settings I use are listed below; I haven’t had any significant issues with them, and they make the game truly playable.

adapter_index = 0 
aspect_ratio = -1 
borderless_fullscreen = false 
fullscreen = true 
fullscreen_output = 0 
gamma = 0 
gore_settings = { } 
language_id = "en" 
master_render_settings = { 
ambient_occlusion_quality = "low" 
anti_aliasing_solution = 0 
dlss = 0 
dlss_g = 0 
dlss_master = "off" 
dof_quality = "off" 
fsr = 0 
graphics_quality = "custom" 
lens_flare_quality = "off" 
light_quality = "low" 
nv_reflex_low_latency = 0 
ray_tracing_quality = "off" 
ssr_quality = "off" 
volumetric_fog_quality = "low" } 
max_worker_threads = 4 
performance_settings = { 
decal_lifetime = 10 
max_blood_decals = 5 
max_impact_decals = 5 
max_ragdolls = 3 } 
render_settings = { 
ao_enabled = false 
baked_ddgi = false 
bloom_enabled = false 
cacao_downsampled = false 
cacao_quality = 0 
decals_enabled = false 
display_noise_enabled = false 
dlss_enabled = false 
dlss_g_enabled = false 
dof_enabled = false 
dof_high_quality = false 
dxr = false 
fsr_enabled = false 
fsr_quality = 0 
fsr2_enabled = false 
fxaa_enabled = false 
gamma = 2.2 
hdr_rgb_format = "R11G11B10F" 
jitter_enabled = false 
lens_flares_enabled = false 
lens_quality_color_fringe_enabled = false 
lens_quality_distortion_enabled = false 
lens_quality_enabled = false 
light_shafts_enabled = false 
local_lights_max_dynamic_shadow_distance = 0 
local_lights_max_non_shadow_casting_distance = 0 
local_lights_max_static_shadow_distance = 0 
local_lights_shadow_atlas_size = [ 512 512 ] 
local_lights_shadow_map_filter_quality = "low" 
local_lights_shadows_enabled = false 
lod_object_multiplier = 1 
lod_scatter_density = 0 
motion_blur_enabled = false 
nv_framerate_cap = 0 
nv_low_latency_boost = false 
nv_low_latency_markers = true 
nv_low_latency_mode = false 
outline_enabled = false 
particles_capacity_multiplier = 1 
particles_simulation_lod = 0 
rough_transparency_enabled = false 
rt_checkerboard_reflections = false 
rt_light_quality = "low" 
rt_mixed_reflections = false 
rt_particle_reflections_enabled = false 
rt_reflections_enabled = false 
rt_shadow_ray_multiplier = 2 
rt_transparent_reflections_enabled = false 
rtxgi_enabled = false 
rtxgi_scale = 1 
sharpen_enabled = false 
skin_material_enabled = false 
ssr_enabled = false 
ssr_high_quality = false 
static_sun_shadow_map_size = [ 2048 2048 ] 
static_sun_shadows = false 
sun_flare_enabled = false 
sun_shadow_map_filter_quality = "low" 
sun_shadow_map_size = [ 4 4 ] 
sun_shadows = false 
taa_enabled = false 
ui_bloom_enabled = false 
upscaling_enabled = false 
upscaling_mode = "none" 
upscaling_quality = "off" 
volumetric_data_size = [ 80 64 96 ] 
volumetric_extrapolation_high_quality = false 
volumetric_extrapolation_volumetric_shadows = false 
volumetric_lighting_local_lights = false 
volumetric_reprojection_amount = 0.875 
volumetric_volumes_enabled = true 
world_interaction_size = [ 512 512 ] 
world_space_motion_vectors = true } 
screen_mode = "fullscreen" 
screen_resolution = [ 1280 720 ] 
sound = { } 
sound_settings = { } 
threads = { } 
vsync = false

The default setting is 720p fullscreen with nearly all of the crucial content completely hidden. Should provide far better frame rates than the game’s lowest setting.

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Customizable Settings That Vary From User To User

Because every person has a unique machine, what you want will be different from what I did. Some of the settings you might want to modify are as follows:

Change display type and resolution:

borderless_fullscreen = true/false 
fullscreen = true/false (enable one, disable the other) ... 
screen_resolution = [ x (screen width) y (screen height) ] (fullscreen only)

Worker threads, depending on your CPU:

max_worker_threads = x

Changing the visibility of scars on your character:

decals_enabled = true/false

Author’s Notes:

For Fire being turned off, you may try increasing the particle capacity multiplier and particle simulation lod because, as far as I know, fire is regarded as a particle.

You’d need to test that, though. I simply set it to the highest value the game let me by default; if your CPU allows it, you can definitely raise it to anything higher.

  • And fullscreen with reduced resolution would be preferable, but borderless windowed has spoiled me.
  • Will do some tests and add information to the manual.
  • Modified the suggested config file; as a result, 720p fullscreen is now the default.

I like the fps improvement a lot but there are no effects that affect the gameplay (barrels about to explode, sniper red sight, fire on the ground, explosions effects). How do you turn these on? Well, the setting you’re looking for is particles_capacity_multiplier, set it to 1.

  • That setting was earlier set to 0 by mistake, but it is now set to 1 in the updated configuration.
  • My GTX 970 and Intel Core I5 2500 can now run this game at stable 30fps even with hordes.
  • If you can’t see scars on your character’s face and wonder which set is for that, well, it is decals_enabled, swap it to true.

I also increased my resolution to the native resolution of my screen, it didn’t hit performance at all. I think I will slowly increase this graphic setting.

  • If you are wondering which ones impact the CPU and which one GPU more, then let me tell you that particles, lod, and stuff like that are generally more CPU, while resolution, anti-alias, and lights are all more GPU.
  • Generally, creating effects affects the CPU, and displaying them is heavier on the GPU. 

Leave a comment if you think I should add another seting to this list. That’s it. After making your changes, simply save the file, and the changes should take effect right away.

With this tutorial, I hope to have been able to assist someone. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on November 20, 2022

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