Way of the Hunter | FOV and Keybinds Complete Guide

This user manual for the video game Way of the Hunter provides some basic information on the game’s Basic Controls, FOV for 21:9 and ultra-wide, and Manual keybinds.

Here are some details I discovered when sifting through their discord. I don’t claim ownership of these; I was simply showing the ones who didn’t want to dig. This short tutorial explains keybinds and how to alter your FOV from 90 to 110.


Keybinds & How To Change FOV In Way Of The Hunter

In Way of the Hunter, take control of a hunting lodge surrounded by lovely environments and abundant animal populations. Utilize a superior range of weapons to hunt while exploring enormous open-world settings. Enjoy the ideal search alone or in cooperative mode with companions.

How to change your FOV

Ok, it’s truly that easy.

  • Step 1: Launch the Way of the Hunter. 
  • Step 2: Open Way of the Hunter first, then download and launch this program from UE4 Unlocker (Search or look it up)
  • Step 3: Choose to inject in Way of the Hunter.
  • Step 4: Alt-tab back into Way of the Hunter, then type your preferred FOV in the console after pressing ~.

When you click Inject, there should be a few pop-up windows (4, I believe), and you must wait for them to complete.  Try starting UUU from the main menu if that doesn’t work.

I’ve only recently realized that it appears to be causing problems with both the scopes and the binoculars. Anyone who bricks their FOV should use the FOV reset command to fix their scope.

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Use “fov reset”.

Alternate Approach

The current method for changing FOV to 21:9 or Ultrawide is as follows:
1. Open the Windows No Editor configuration file by going to “Users\yourUserName\AppData\Local\WayOfTheHunter\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”

2. Launch a text editor and open “Engine.ini”

3. Add the next few lines to the file’s end by copying and pasting:




  • WASD – Movement
  • Arrow Up – Zeroing up
  • Arrow Down – Zeroing down
  • Press C – Crouch
  • Hold C – Prone
  • Press X – Exploration Marker
  • Hold X – Tracking Marker
  • P – Photo mode
  • Space – Jump
  • 1-9: Equipment
  • CTRL – Pace Change
  • E – Interaction
  • H – Head Lamp
  • F – Auto walk/run
  • Shift – Sprint
  • U = Weapon cycle Primary/Secondary
  • J = Gear cycle Primary/Secondary/Tertiary
  • C in the Car = change the camera to onboard
  • Tab = map
  • N = removes all map markers

Way Of The Hunter: About

With this real hunting experience, you can hunt and explore in vast open-world settings in the USA and Europe. Explore genuine animals in lovely natural environments and manipulate a variety of intricate and incredibly lifelike weaponry.

Way of the Hunter offers a truly immersive, extremely realistic experience in the midst of breathtaking nature and authentic animal social interaction. Watch as intricate ecosystems change in response to your actions. Put your hunting prowess to the test while learning what it means to be a true hunter.

Take on the problems of ethical hunting while being motivated by an engaging narrative, or just enjoy free-range hunting in the many surroundings.

Thank you for sparing your valuable time to take a look at my guide. I sure hope that I could make it worth your while. Do write to us with your queries. Cheers!

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

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