Way of the Hunter | How to track a blood trail

In Way of the Hunter, take control of a hunting lodge surrounded by lovely environments and abundant animal populations. Utilize a superior range of weapons to hunt while exploring enormous open-world settings. Enjoy the ideal search alone or in cooperative mode with companions. You have trouble locating your prey, do you? You should use this manual.

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How To Locate Prey In Way Of The Hunter

Use the correct weapon

Use the appropriate weapon class (tier) for your creature! If you don’t, you risk “overkilling” the animal and squandering a lot of meat.

Alternatively, if your rifle isn’t powerful enough, the animal won’t sustain fatal wounds (which results in less blood loss and smaller blood trails). The appropriate categories can be found under Animals in the encyclopedia. 

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X marks the spot

Press X to mark the animal’s location before you fire a shot. This makes it much simpler to locate the first blood puddle. With your binoculars or the sight on your rifle, you can accomplish this up close. The impact animation will also show you if you hit the animal correctly. (Flies into the air or falls suddenly after being shot fatally).

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The kill zone

Use your hunting senses to get a closer look at the first blood puddle you found. Usually, the first sign of blood is nearby. Be persistent in spotting it because the hunter detects “pulses” in waves. Usually, you can detect the orientation because there is a large initial splash followed by several blood droplets that almost resemble a cone or arrow.

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Following the trail

If you spot the first trace, position yourself correctly and look upward. Each trail starts with a splash of blood and then has a few drips. Droplets of a water point in the appropriate direction. To ensure that you can find your way back in case you lose your trail, mark your present trace with a red marker (X).

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The golden pattern

The next one nearby should be indicated by the hunter sense. This is dependent on how much blood is lost! The trace may be very faint and farther apart if no vital organs were struck (eventually, the blood trail can completely vanish on light traces! – the animal essentially recovers and wanders off..). Therefore, moderate to large blood loss is always preferable (take your time, aim carefully!).

You should ultimately locate your trophy if you stay on your current path.

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Bonus Tips & Tricks

Reduce your foliage settings if you have trouble following the trails. Blood can occasionally be difficult to see as it also dribbles over leaves, twigs, and tree stumps. There is a significant difference between the ultra and low settings.

To see the bright, crimson blood even more clearly or in darker surroundings, try using your headlights (H) rather than your hunter’s sense. If you can’t find your victim, don’t do that; shoot more accurately the next time, use stronger weaponry, or exercise more patience.

This game is all about patience and awareness of your surroundings. Avoid road fury; it won’t get you anything! You won’t be compensated for this.

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

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