Farthest Frontier | How To Have More Builders

Create a town out of untamed nature at the fringe of the known world, guard and lead your people. To survive in the Farthest Frontier, gather resources by farming, fishing, and hunting.

As you struggle to survive the environment and external enemies, create manufactured objects to trade, consume, equip, and use in combat. This tutorial will explain how to increase the number of builders in your community.

 The new building game Farthest Frontier

How To Have More Builders In Farthest Frontier

The How-To

Use your keyboard’s P key to enter. The “Professions” panel will then appear as a result. You can control the vocations of your residents here. 

I advise you to have adequate laborers on hand before hiring more builders. The “Builders” bar will appear in the top right corner of the “Professions” screen if you have a few extra laborers. Simply click the Plus button to add more builders to the active list. That’s it.


1. What can a builder and a laborer do differently, in your opinion?

A. Laborers level the ground and carry out the “H” important tasks (cleaning trees, boulders, and plants, picking berries).

2. Where do laborers originate?

A. Any unassigned citizen will be given a laborer assignment by default. For instance, if your population is 10 and your only structure is a woodcutter, you would have 1 woodcutter, 4 builders (the game’s default), and 5 laborers.

3. How can you acquire more?

A. Increase the population through births or immigration.

4. What do the two figures in the builder bar represent?

A. The first figure represents the number of people who are now doing the job, and the second is the number of people who should be doing the job.

5. Why does the leftmost number occasionally exceed the rightmost number?

A. Unless the “desired number” has recently lowered, this shouldn’t happen (I believe this is referring to builders). Possibly a bug.

Laborers & Builders

I’ve noticed that occasionally you could have a lot of allocated builders but fewer actual builders than you’d want. If you assign 25 of your 100 laborers to be builders, maybe 4 or 5 of them will end up being builders. I discovered from experience that a large backlog of construction projects would free up more builders.

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The posts for builders would be quickly filled once numerous buildings were damaged or after there was a long line of items that needed to be built, upgraded, etc. Additionally, I believe there should be a minimum requirement for laborers.

If the number is negative, you should probably eliminate some jobs or builders. I’m not completely clear what the laborers do, but I am aware that in games of a similar nature, they are employed to move objects.

farthest frontier

Building Over Repairing

The primary problem with builders is that they perform repairs and, as far as I’m aware, there is no structure in place to give building priority over repairs.

Additionally, the number at the top doesn’t reflect any builders who are performing repairs, so if you have it set to allow a maximum of 10 builders and 2 are building and 6 are performing repairs, the number would read 2/10, which is hardly sensible.

Bug Report

I discovered a problem that might be related: Roads no longer get improved or built at all. Was left with 26 workers but none of the six builders. As soon as I placed my order for a new house, I was assigned one of 6 builders, and the house was constructed. 

I would immediately receive 3 of 6 builders if I requested the moving of 3 blueberry bushes. However, if I ordered the construction of a road, no builders were produced, and the road was never built. After I canceled the upgrade road job, I was unable to click at all on that road.

With the ‘c’ clear menu, I removed both that road and all other roads. I was back to 0/6 with not a single active builder. I’ve given up on the save for the time being because I think this is a bug, which is unfortunate but typical of EA. I will update you as soon as the issue is fixed. 

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

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