We Were Here Forever – Complete Achievements List

We Were Here Forever is a Co-Op two-person puzzle game developed by Total Mayhem Games. This game has a lot of unique puzzles that you and your friend can solve together. The game also has a Single Player Mode where you can explore the game at your own will.

In this particular guide, I will show you the complete list of all achievements you can do and unlock for We Were Here Forever. Take note that all the achievements are not completed by all players. If you have secret tricks to complete them, let us know in the comments.

we were here forever

All Achievements You can Complete in We Were Here Forever

These achievements are tested and taken from the Steam or PC version of We Were Here Forever. I have not checked if the same goes for other platforms as well. There are a total of 39 achievements for this game for you to complete. Having that out of the way, let us check out the guide.

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A Way Out of Here

  • Escaped from the prisons

Two Halves

  • Escaped from the chasm

Best Friends Forever

  • Invite a friend to play We Were Here Forever!

This Takes Two

  • Escaped from the Jesters’ Toybox
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Mind Games

  • Escaped from the Jesters’ realm

Escape Royale

  • Escaped from the keep


  • Escaped from the deep dungeons


  • Assisted in escaping from the deep dungeons

Live Entertainment

  • Survived the trials

Blood Sport

  • Assisted in escaping from the trials

Guess Whomst?

  • Discovered the realms’ defiance

Refrain of Resistance

  • Discovered the secrets of the Resistance

Get A Head of Yourself

  • Assisted in solving the riddles

Capitulum Carnival

  • Solved the riddles

The Sunken Mines

  • Entered the Sunken Mines


  • Realigned the light beam

Connecting the Dots

  • Refueled the Nautilus

The Royal Graveyard

  • Entered the Royal Cemetery

The Ruins of Rockbury

  • Entered the Ruins of Rockbury

The Coordinator

  • Obtained the rete of the Astrolabe

Obsolete Obol

  • Unlocked the catacombs

The Seer

  • Obtained the lens of the Astrolabe

Dome of Creation

  • Reforged the base of the Astrolabe


  • Assisted in navigating the sunken mines

Aquatic Claustrophobic

  • Navigated the sunken mines

The Foundation

  • Obtained the base of the Astrolabe


  • Discovered Rockbury’s secret

Bangle Angle

  • Assisted in discovering Rockbury’s secret

Diplomatic Entity

  • Assisted in negotiations with the guardian

Monster Bargain

  • Negotiated with the guardian

Grave Sins

  • Assisted in unlocking the treasure vault

Descendants Inheritance

  • Unlocked the treasure vault

The Solution

  • Unlocked the Bell Tower

X Marks the Plot

  • Assisted in discovering hidden treasures

Cache Chase

  • Discovered hidden treasures


  • Restored the device

One Must Remain

  • Escaped from Castle Rock


  • Paid the ultimate price


  • Escaped.. but at what cost?

As I mentioned earlier, if you have any secret tips and tricks to share, for completing any of the above achievements, you can let us know via the comments below. That would be all from this achievements guide for We Were Here Forever.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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