Rogue Legacy 2: Fairy Rooms Challenges Full Guide

Sequels are often underwhelming. There have been several examples across the whole video games landscape. However, there has been a nice change of scenery with Rogue Legacy 2. The successor to the hit 2013 edition has been lapped up by fans and critics alike.

There’s been a marked increase in the array of characters players can choose from, including the addition of a whole new ‘Chef’ class. Rogue Legacy 2 keeps the gameplay fresh throughout the various levels so it does not get repetitive.

Though a lot of things remain the same, it provides a classic roguelike feel of old. Moreover, even when your character dies, players will not want to stop playing given the possibilities with every run. There are just a lot of things to do regarding a lot of aspects that leave players wanting more. Therefore, the sequel has already started proving a certifiable hit.

One of the most beloved parts of the game is the ‘Fairy Room Challenges.’ The following guide will you everything you need to know regarding them and how to complete each challenge.

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All Fairy Room Puzzle Challenges in Rogue Legacy 2

These are one of the easiest of the lot. Players simply need to open the chests once they are near them. However, a few of them will have some additional pointers. Players will get the hang of them quickly as the game progresses.

Magic Platform

Players need to know how the same platforms in the Study, function. Therefore, leaping onto a particular section will make it appear under your heir while the rest vanish.

You will have to use Breakables in order to make the platform appear from the part which is near the chest. Alternately, players can use Spin Kick to generate the height and reach the top platform of the chest. Use Ananke’s Shawl if the going gets tough.

Time-limit puzzles

The same as the previous challenges but with a time limit. Moreover, they have a specific solution which makes them easier to do after a few times.

Diving Bell: Go for the middle Diving Bell first, and then select one of the remaining five. It will always be the one closest to the spike pit.

Mirror the Line: Players have to break the Trick Wall, next to the exit of the Diving Bell. You will reach a hidden area that will guide you to the chest. There will be a Memory with the line “…I must mirror the line…” meaning everything is the opposite of the Diving Bell area. Therefore, just do the things in the reverse methods to complete the challenge.

Time-Limited Challenges

The same brief as always, players need to reach the chest before time expires.

Destroy all Targets: Destroy the five targets and open the chest within the time limit. Players can use attacks like Winter’s Shout (Barbarian), Crescendo (Bard), or the Prismatic Spectrum spell since all of these have a large area of effect.

Lose no Health (diving bells and spikes): Players can cross this level by regular jumps and no heirloom. The challenge begins with crumbly platforms, with the area riddled with spikes. Jump across to the diving bells and then the chest. However, the spikes can be changed by void sconces which will be based on the biome where the challenge appears.

Lose no Health (multiple enemies): Players will deal with many enemies, but all they have to do is open the chest. Fighting is optional. 

Demolish all Targets

Contrary to the one immediately above, they need players to destroy targets before opening the chest. Most of the challenges will have various solutions depending on class or talent or weapon or relic or spell.

Spin Kick Targets (spike pit): Players cannot jump in this challenge. They have to demolish targets as they spawn before reaching the chest. The simplest way is to Spin Kick targets. Players have to end up on the platform having the chest in the end. Ananke’s Shawl comes in handy as already discussed. Otherwise, you can use spells, weapons, etc.

Split Kick Targets (diving bell): The same as before.

Lose no Health (orbs): Players need to avoid getting wounded, but blocking the damage is alright. One of the toughest challenges and players will need to be careful when destroying orbs. They will be spread across the room so maneuver smartly using the resources available.

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Lose no Health

A series of challenges that need you to be in perfect condition. Players can make use of Coeus’ Shell or Lotus Stem, among others. The best is the Assassin’s Cloak. Some challenges will have extra conditions.

Swinging Spikeballs: Players have to bypass the flaming spike balls before opening the trapdoor and getting to the chest. Keep in mind that the real exit is always towards the Diving Bell side. There will be different obstacles based on the biome. 

Double Spike Pit: Players will reach the first spike pit after the first Diving Bell. There will be a second Diving Bell to get to the second spike pit. When you go through that one at the bottom, you will reach the chest. The Aether’s Wings will be of massive help in this situation. Moreover, get one Vault rune and be accurate in movements. Practice will make it easier after a few failed attempts.

Vertical Shooters: You have to get to the end of the room but the wall is filled with spikes. There are three platforms but they have two pairs of fireball shooters. Two shoot up while two shoot down. The difficulty will be getting to these platforms without getting shot. Take heirlooms if necessary.

Echo Kick (spike room): Players need to have Echo’s Boots. You will get them by playing the game naturally. It is all about timing. Moving ahead and spin kicking the orb before another forward movement to reach the chest.

Small Flamethrowers: Time your movement accurately in order to avoid the flamethrowers.

Horizontal Shooters: You have to pull the level as projectiles strike the blocking wall, and move towards the chest before the next projectiles come. However, the best way is by removing them using:

  • Deflect (Valkyrie)
  • Frying Pan (Chef)
  • Winter Shout (Barbarian)
  • Crescendo (Bard)
  • Banner and Marble Statue (Vanguard)
  • Wind Wall or Shock wave

Moreover, players can avoid them entirely by using:

  • Cloak (Assassin)
  • Coeus’ Shell and Lotus Stem relics
  • Shield Block (Knight)
  • Roll (Duelist)
  • Immortal Kotetsu (Ronin)

Tall flamethrowers: Players may need to use all the heirlooms. Flamethrowers will fire alternately and you have to be careful in descending from the top. Blocking damage helps too.

Double Fireball Shooters: Having an heirloom helps always. Players have to be wary of entering the challenge since jumping is involved. Do not get hurt via projectiles if heirlooms are absent.

Quadruple Swinging Chainballs: Players can use a double jump to ease the completion. Bypass the swinging balls by jumping well. 

Lose no Health (extra conditions)

No Dashing (spike walls): You have to utilize different movement options. Platforming needs to be perfect. Control the jump well so it does not go too high. Hermes’ Boots will be the best option.

Puzzle Challenge (spike pit): You can only open the chest if you are directly in front of it. Thus, players have to find a way of standing on spikes and not give up health. Here’s how:

  • Cloak (Assassin)- balance on spikes
  • Ivy Canopy (Ranger)- make a platform over the spikes
  • Pirate Ship (Pirate)- make a platform you can ride on
  • Roll (Duelist)- makes you invulnerable as you appear
  • Immortal Kotetsu (Ronin)- an even smaller invulnerable time
  • Hermes’ Boots- walk on spikes
  • Shield Block (Knight)- get a perfect block
  • Coeus’ Shell and Lotus Stem- block damage and get immunity

Defeat everyone (small room): Destroy everyone. Enemies are selected at random and can include all types. Here’s a list of all that could help:

  • Winter Shout and Freeze- you will have more reaction time
  • Coeus’ Shell and Lotus Stem- block damage
  • Wind Wall- remove projectiles

Defeat all targets: Five enemies in a spike-filled arena. You will have a lot of help in doing this.

Do Not Get Hit

Doing what it says. Never get hit and blocking damage will not help either.

Hidden Chests

Find them and open them. Players will find them behind trick walls and can use any resource available. Different rooms will have it hidden in different places.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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