What is the Download Size of God of War Ragnarok on PS5

God of War Ragnarok is finally coming out for players globally, and it being a console exclusive can only be seen on a PS5 or PS4. This is good news for all the fans around the world who bent their back in getting their PS5s since the stocks were scarce to start with.

To play this game on a PS5, you need to update the system to the latest version. Some features on the PS4 can be missing on PS5 so keep that in mind while ordering GOW Ragnarok. You are able to download and play the game on your PS5 with your account (via Console Sharing and Offline Play setting), and on any other PS5 consoles when you login using the same account.

Along with all of the above information, some new information and features remain hidden or out of context for a lot of players. One such piece of info is the Download and Final Size of GOW Ragnarok. In this small article I will show you how much space it takes after installation and what is the Download Size for the game.

God Of War Ragnarok Total and Download Size on PS5

Before we dive in to the details of the files and the total installation space for GOW Ragnarok, let us take a look at some more details for the game so that you know exactly what and how you are downloading.

Downloading Standard Versus Deluxe Edition

The standard edition for GOW Ragnarok only has the base game available for both the PS4 and the PS5. The Deluxe Edition contains the following additional contents:

  • Base Version of the game
  • Darkdale Armor
  • Darkdale Attire
  • Darkdale Axe Grip
  • Darkdale Blade Handles
  • Dark Horse Digital Art Book
  • Official Digital Sound Track
  • PSN Avatar set for PS4 and PS5 (Whichever you own)

I listed these because this edition will increase your overall size inside the PS5 or PS4 storage. Since there is additional content regarding the higher variant, you should prep your storage accordingly.

What is the Download Size and Final Size of GOW Ragnarok?

I got the base variant of the game to start with and during the download, GOW Ragnarok had the Download Size of 26.38 GB. As far as I can guess, this will be the global download size for all the PS5 base variants. As usual we see a larger dowload file size for GOW Ragnarok on PS4, to be specific, 35.03 GB.

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GOW Ragnarok Download File Size PS5

After the download was finished, I took a look at the unpacked install size, and the final size for the game after the download  on a PS5 turned out to be 84.15 GB. This is not as big of a file size as I thought as compared to other previously released games, but it is decent enough.

GOW Ragnarok Download File Size after install PS5

For PS4 users, the file size after download turns out to be nearly 108 GB. I think the difference here is the efficiency of the SSD to unpack large file sizes as compared to the HDD inside a PS4.

Buckle up for Kratos and his son by freeing up the required space as I mentioned in the article. Also take note that different regions can have different file sizes so make sure to check that before making the changes or the actual GOW Ragnarok Purchase.

Before I conclude this short post, let me give you some more insight about the game so that you are in the know of things when you start playing the game:

  • Publisher – Sony Interactive Entertainment EU
  • Release Date – 9/11/2022
  • Edition – Digital Deluxe or Standard
  • Platforms – PS4, PS5
  • Genre – Action, Fantasy

The game is a Offline play and supports haptic feedbacks and vibration functions including trigger effects if supported. Single player of course like previous GOWs which includes remote play and Game Help from PS Plus.

I hope these pieces of information will help you in gaining some knowledge about the Download and final Size for God Of War Ragnarok. Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and check out our God of War Ragnarok Section for more of such guides.

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Last Updated on November 7, 2022

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