Wild Hearts | How To Fix Audio Issues

EA recently released the game Wild Hearts, however much like any other game, it includes bugs and problems. Several users have reported audio problems including audio skipping and crackling, which degrade the experience overall. There are several fixes you can attempt if you are having audio problems with Wild Hearts. Check them out from down below.


How To Fix Audio Issues In Wild Hearts

Here are some potential remedies; you ought to try the techniques described below to fix Wild Hearts Audio problems. Here are the solutions to the issue.

Restrict the frame rate to 60

A frame rate that is uncapped may result in audio problems. Other problems, such as audio distortion, may result from this. Try lowering your FPS to 60 to solve this. The options menu of the game or third-party software can be used to accomplish this.

Choose the 3.5 audio jack instead

Try switching to the 3.5 audio connector if you’re currently utilising a USB headset, Bluetooth, or a USB adapter for your headphones. This can occasionally aid in lowering audio delay and enhancing sound quality.

Start the game over

If you’re having trouble with the audio in Wild Hearts, try restarting it. This can enhance overall performance and assist in resetting any settings that might be the cause of the issue.

Modify the audio settings

If none of the suggestions above work, consider modifying the game’s audio settings. Consider switching from stereo to 7.1/5.1 surround sound, for instance. This may aid in enhancing audio quality and lowering distortion.

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Upgrade your drivers

Check to see if your audio drivers are updated. You can do this by using a driver update tool or by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Your computer may have audio troubles and other issues as a result of outdated drivers.

Turn off any audio enhancements

Distortion and other problems can occasionally be brought on by audio improvements. Try turning off audio improvements in the Windows sound settings to resolve this. To achieve this, pick your playback device in the Sound control panel, then click Properties. Then, select the Enhancements tab and uncheck any activated enhancements.

Examine your connections

Verify that all of your cables are attached properly and are in good condition. This applies to any headphones, speakers, or other audio devices you may be utilising. Audio troubles and other issues can be brought on by a loose or damaged cable.

Get an operating system update

Check to see if your operating system is updated. This can assist in resolving any flaws or problems that might be resulting in audio issues in Wild Hearts. Go to the Windows Update settings and select Check for updates to see if there are any updates available.

If none of these fixes work, it could be useful to get in touch with the game’s customer care staff for further guidance. 

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Last Updated on February 18, 2023

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