Hogwarts Legacy: Fix Blurry Color And Washed Out Graphics

Hogwarts Legacy suffers from a few performance problems and crashing issues, including the controller not working and even the entire game looking blurry or “washed out.” The following guide will help players in trying out some solutions for this issue to fix it. 

Hogwarts Legacy: How to fix blurry and washed-out graphics

Fix the settings of the TV

Players must keep their TV on ‘Game Mode‘ settings in order to maximize their picture quality.

Additionally, there are a few extra settings that you can try to tweak and change as well, which include contrast, sharpness, and brightness, amongst others. You should definitely set up your TV in the most optimal manner to enhance your gameplay. 

Hogwarts Legacy - performance issue

Switch on HDR

You should turn on your HDR on the TV. This will help in upgrading the visual details of any game to be much clearer and less grainy.

Enter the console settings and choose the HDR option (High Dynamic Range). If your TV supports it, switch it on so you will be able to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy better. 

Make sure your game is updated.

Along with trying out your regular methods of system, players need to keep checking if there have been any updates to the game itself.

There can also be solutions to your problems themselves which can be solved via patches. There is also the option of uninstalling and reinstalling the game from your end. 

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Game Mode change

This is a very popular choice, as it has worked for a lot of players. You will have to change the Game Mode to either Balanced or Performance from Graphics.

It is needed as the Graphics focus places more importance on visual performance, which can, in turn, lead to washed-out images or blurry pictures.

Hogwarts Legacy - game mode settings

However, when players will switch to one of the two modes mentioned above, it will help keep the game in balance by fastening the frame rate or enhancing the settings to prioritize performance. 

Keep HDR Black Point to 0

Another HDR-related solution involves players reducing the black point option in the game. It is the darkest portion of any screen, which will have to be changed to 0.

Players have to open the Options menu inside Hogwarts Legacy and make their way to the HDR black point area. Tune it to 0 and then check if the problem is resolved. 

Thus, those are some of the most potent methods that players can use in order to fix this irritating issue of blurry coloring.

In case, all of it fails, you can always reach out to the developer’s team or the customer service website of Avalanche, which will definitely give some other workarounds that can help solve your issue.

Players have been loving Hogwarts Legacy for a variety of features, and things are only looking up from there on. Follow our Hogwarts Legacy page for all the newest updates, guides, fixes, and more every day.

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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