Wild Hearts: What Are The Best Settings And Stutter Fix For PC

The new Wild Hearts game is full of a number of customizations available which is good news for players who love a personalized setting. There will be a lot of options for you to change and fiddle around in the game including the likes of controls, audio, language, and more.

Nevertheless, all of it can be overwhelming for players who are just trying to get the best out of Wild Hearts on their consoles. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding the different settings of the game on PS5. 

Wild Hearts: What are the best settings for players

Before we dive into each separate category, there are some elements that affect the overall gameplay. Players can move the HUD to display or hide the various elements. Crossplay is on by default, meaning playing in multiplayer mode is very easy.

The use of Japanese dialogues means you would want to keep the subtitles in English for better understanding. For more details, let us look at each of the settings individually. 

Wild Hearts - settings


There are a total of six languages for audio and 12 for display. Players can switch between the audio language without going back to the main screen. However, this can only be only when you are also changing the language of the display. Additionally, players would also have to be careful of which language they choose as the lipsync during cutscenes change around due to different languages. 


You will be assigning each key to specific tasks in the game. The Lock On feature of the game will be turned on if pressed or held, but the latter is the default. It is a great tool to have regarding your choice of which key goes where.

There is the “Button Hold Time” which tells you for what period of time you will have to hold a key that will be deemed as holding. You can adjust it according to your preferences. 


There are several methods by which the game helps you. The option of a screen reader and Text to Audio converter enables voiceover to other players as you type. You can avoid talking in this way. Players with colorblindness have color vision support while the Chat Log Display Time is for people who take a longer time to read stuff. 

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The Performance mode is the best for PS5 as the best graphics will slow it down, making it seem blurry. You are also advised to keep high graphics only while taking screenshots while the choices of HDR, motion blur and brightness are up to you. Motion Blue should be turned off in order to better fight against enemies. 

Wild Hearts - settings fix


The correct sensitivity will be crucial for players as they will have to be careful when it comes to the game. The default would be mostly good for a lot of players so there may not be too much change in that regard. You would also have the choice of inverting the camera and vertically moving as well. 


You can keep the volume high or low, alongside the volume of the dialogues as well. The aforementioned chat feature will enable you to type which will be converted into audio. The choice of shutting off talking during multiplayer battles is also there. There are three Dynamic Range options, namely Night, Narrow, and default. 

Wild Hearts: How to fix stutter in PC

The PC version of Wild Hearts is suffering from a lot of problems which will definitely take a patch to be fully solved. Nevertheless, there are some fixes you can try yourself across video and audio. You should switch to 7.1 surround sound from stereo for the in-game audio. 

Start Wild Hearts and click on Alt+Tab which will take you to Nvidia Control Panel. Choose ‘Manage 3D Settings’ and then Program Settings. Add the game here and then do the following: 

  • Switch on Power Management Mode and keep it at Prefer Maximum Performance
  • Switch off Threaded Optimization
  • Keep Upscaling off
  • Keep Triple Buffering on

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the different settings in Wild Hearts. You will have a lot of freedom on your hands as you keep checking the types of changes you can make throughout the course of the game. 

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

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