XDefiant – Best Controller and Graphics Settings (PC/PS/XBOX)

I got access to XDefiant early and started playing this one-of-a-kind FPS game. My initial impressions are very optimistic regarding the game, and I will recommend it to all the FPS and general game lovers looking for a new change to the old FPS titles we are used to playing.

Having that said, knowing the best controller, as well as graphics settings, is quite crucial in a fast-paced game like XDefiant. This will enable you to optimize the shooting and balance visuals and framerates well. Let us look at the best graphics and controller settings for XDefiants for multiple platforms.

XDefiant – Best Controller and Graphics Settings (PC/PS/XBOX)

XDefiant best controller and graphics settings

I will review the controller, graphics, and best settings in this guide. They are helping me play XDefiant optimally; hence, I hope it will do the same for all the readers. Take it with a grain of salt since these are suggestive tweaks, which are subject to change as we unfold the game.

Gamepad Preset

I use a scuff controller; hence my controller preset is set to default. Also, I want to tell you that I used a “Flipped” setting. This comes naturally because I also played Call of Duty with flipped settings. This helps me to shoot instantly rather than using the default trigger buttons.

XDefiant Controller Type

Here is a written guide to the Default-Flipped Controller Layout:

  • Faction Ability – L2
  • Aim Down Sights – L1
  • Trigger Ultra – L2 + R2
  • Throw Device – R2
  • Fire Weapon – R1
  • Help Overlay – DPAD Buttons
  • Move – Left Stick Movement
  • Sprint – L3
  • Scoreboard – Touchpad Press
  • Menu – Options Button
  • Switch – Triangle
  • Reload – Square
  • Crouch – Circle
  • Jump/Mantle – X
  • Look – Rick Stick Movement
  • Melee – R3

(These Settings will be the same for XBOX Users and PS users Also)

Best Controller Settings For XDefiant

These are my personal best Controller settings for XDefiant. These have been tried and tested by me and a few others, so you can rest assured that It will work immensely well for you if you have a similar playstyle or are just starting with the game.

  • Button Layout – Default-Flipped
  • Stick Layout – Default
  • Aim Assist – Standard
  • Aim Assist Strength Adjustment – 0
  • Aim Assist Follow Adjustment – 0
  • Aim Response Curve Type – Standard or Reverse S-Curve
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low Zoom) – 1.00x
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom) – 1.00x
  • Invert Horizontal Axis – No
  • Invert Vertical Axis – No
  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 52
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 52
  • Acceleration Speed Multiplier – 0.00x
  • Dead Zone Left Stick – 10
  • Dead Zone Right Stick – 10
  • Controller Vibration – Off

XDefiant controller settings

There are a few things you should note from the above controller settings. First of all, regarding the response curve, it is subject to change since it depends on preference. I discovered that Reverse S-Curve or Standard is an excellent option if you are new to XDefiant and controllers in general.

Secondly, Acceleration Speed Multiplier is something you should play around with. The 1.00x option is the standard default which works quite well, but I opted for the 0.00x to be more precise with the movements.

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The Horizontal and Vertical Sensitivity is a crucial aspect of these tweaks. A sweet spot to start is the value of 50. You can either work your way up if you feel slow or sluggish with the movement or work your way down if it is fast for you.

(These Settings will be the same for XBOX Users and PS users Also)

Best Graphics Settings for XDefiant

Set the options to medium to start with since most of them will be set to medium. This is a primary way to tweak the options, but it is helpful and often overlooked. After you have done that, there are a few changes that you need to make. Check out the options and what value you should set for the graphics settings:

Video Settings

  • Windowed Mode – Fullscreen Windowed – (This will give you the ease of ALT-Tabbing without worrying too much about CPU or GPU Load)
  • Resolution and Refresh Rate – The Default Values of your monitor should be set here.
  • Enable Reduced Latency – Yes
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency – Disabled
  • Brightness – 10
  • Contrast – 15

Graphics Settings

  • Enable DirectX 12 Renderer – Yes (DX12 is much more stable than it used to be, and I would recommend you use this in XDefiant)
  • HDR Options – These were Greyed Out for me, so, Default.
  • Vsync Mode – Off
  • Framerate Limit – On
  • Custom FPS Limit – 200
  • Shadow Quality – Low
  • Spot Shadows – Medium
  • Spot Shadow Resolution – Medium
  • Contact Shadows – Off
  • Resolution Scale – 100%
  • Sharpening – 7
  • Particle Detail – Low
  • Volumetric Fog – Medium
  • Reflection Quality – Medium
  • Local Reflection Quality – Low
  • Vegetation Quality – Medium
  • Sub-Surface Scattering – On
  • Parallax mapping – On
  • Ambient Occlusion – Off
  • Object Detail – 20
  • Extra Streaming Distance – 0
  • Lens Flare – On
  • Chromatic Aberration – On
  • Water Quality – Low
  • High-Resolution Sky Textures – No

XDefiant best graphics settings

The game looks quite well with the above settings, even though you may notice that the options are set to either Medium or Low. The game is well-optimized, and I was getting a Steady 200 FPS. I recommend that you cap the Framerates so that you do not have issues hitting those critical shots.

That is all I had to share in this guide on the best controller and graphics settings on PC, PS, and XBOX for XDefiant. Leave your queries and thoughts in the comment section below. Keep an eye on the website for more XDefiant-related guides and tips.

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Last Updated on April 18, 2023

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