XDefiant Closed Beta: How To Fix Twitch Drops Not Working

The problems surrounding new things in the gaming world are nothing new. From performance issues after launches to graphical errors, while playing, a lot has to be dealt with nowadays.

There is a similar issue with the XDefiant Beta Twitch Drops, and it’s non-functioning related to the closed beta session. Several players are facing the same issues, with legions going to the official Twitter page of XDefiant to find solutions.

The issue seems to be that players are not getting the email from Ubisoft despite finishing all the needed steps, as shown in the video. So, what is going on? 

XDefiant Closed Beta: How to fix Twitch Drops not functioning

The main problem for most players seems to be that they are in random queues after collecting and redeeming the Twitch Drop.

This is why you will have to remain patient and wait for the email from Ubisoft as they go through names in the list and your name comes up from the XDefiant Beta Twitch Drops queue.

After your name is drawn, you will get an email from Ubisoft with all the rules and instructions on how to get the XDefiant Closed Beta. 

XDefiant Closed Beta

XDefiant Closed Beta: How to play with Twitch Drops

It is simple enough for players who are yet to finish the whole process of the Beta Twitch drops and are curious about what it entails. Players have to link their Gaming Platform with their Ubisoft Connect profile.

Visit drops-register.ubi.com, which will seamlessly join your Twitch account with the Ubisoft Connect profile. Partnered Streamers will give access drops over 48 hours of the XDefiant Closed Beta. 

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Players have to watch a Partnered Streamer for half an hour, after which you will get a notification in your Twitch account related to the drop. Once you have the notification, the last process is about the redemption of the code.

You will need to visit the given redemption website and log in with your own Ubisoft account. Thereafter, players must choose the desired playing platform from which they can access the Closed Beta.

Now key in the code in the same way and form as it is with you. Click on Submit, and the system will take your code.

XDefiant Closed Beta - Twitch Drops

Once you have the Twitch Drop, you will join the random queue that is the precursor to the situation.

After your name appears to the developers, an email will be sent to you confirming your account details and details on how to play the Closed Beta on the platform of your choice. 

Thus, that is all the information players need regarding the inability to access the Closed Beta Twitch Drops for XDefiant. Undoubtedly, your number will come sooner or later, after which you can enjoy all the new aspects to the fullest.

Last Updated on April 16, 2023

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