Vampire Survivors | How To Fix GPU Lags and Stutters

While the graphics in Vampire Survivors are intentionally pixelated, the bullet hell can be incredibly taxing on your GPU and create lag. You’ve come to the right place if you suffer GPU slowdown or stutters in Vampire Survivors.

How to Resolve GPU Lag in Vampire Survivors

Luca Galante, better known as Poncle, created and published Vampire Survivors, a roguelike shoot-’em-up computer game. It was published for macOS and Windows on October 20, 2022, following an early access period that began on December 17, 2021.

The Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S ports were launched on November 10, 2022, and Android and iOS devices were released on December 8, 2022.

There are a few methods for reducing GPU latency in Vampire Survivors. Aside from some of the more frequent remedies, there is one in particular that you should attempt first. Only then will you obtain the best goods in the game.

Vampire Survivors in GPU Lag Fix Mode

Poncle, the game’s developer, knows Vampire Survivors’ GPU latency. When you run Vampire Survivors on Steam, a pop-up will appear asking if you wish to play the game, usually with the Steam Overlay or GPU Lag Fix.

To see if it helps, try playing Vampire Survivors in the GPU Lag Fix mode. Suppose it doesn’t; try one of these standard remedies.

Vampire Survivors: Update Your GPU

Perhaps your GPU driver requires an update. If so, open “Device Manager” and locate your GPU. Check whether it requires an update or reinstallation of the most recent version.

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Reinstall the Vampire Survivors game.

There could be an issue with your Vampire Survivor files. By removing and reinstalling the game, you may be able to eliminate any lag-causing difficulties.

Check out the Vampire Survivor Files – Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors may experience GPU latency if their files are corrupted. To resolve this, navigate to Vampire Survivors in your Steam Library. Right-click it and choose Properties.

Select Verify Integrity of Game Files from the Local Files menu. If everything checks out, you should not be experiencing GPU lag due to this.

You must remove the files and start over if there is a problem.

You can also optimize the NVIDIA or AMD Controls panel for the best settings tuned especially for performance. The tweaks are easy to do, and you only need to change the Quality or “Let The 3D Application Decide” to “Performance.”

That is all I have to share in this Fixing GPU Lags and Stutters in Vampire Survivors guide. Leave your thoughts and queries in the comment section below.

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Last Updated on April 16, 2023

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