20 Minutes Till Dawn – Abby, Bat-Gun and Abby, and SMG Guide

In this guide on 20 Minutes Till Dawn, I have included two different combos to help you ace it. Here, you will get to know how to use Abby + Bat-Gun and Abby + SMG. Game too hard?
Want an easy, almost mindless game for fun or farming those points? This is a super easy two-minute guide on how to beat the game with extreme ease, whether you need it for farming or fun.
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Abby, BatGun and Abby, and SMG Guide For 20 Minutes Till Dawn

In 20 Minutes Till Dawn, to make it through the night, shoot down an ever-increasing horde of Lovecraftian monsters. Choose from a wide range of upgrades to construct one-of-a-kind and game-changing builds. Unlock a vast variety of characters and weaponry, each with its own special abilities.

Bat-gun + Abby

Simply put, this quickly becomes powerful. Never left click with this, just walk around, right click as soon as you reload, and focus on dodging everyone and everything.

What you want to work on is getting a double shot and all of the upgrades, as well as grabbing bouncing bullets and piercing. Some more summon / bullet damage also helps.

If you can afford it, add some ice upgrades if you feel they’re getting too close for your comfort. If you don’t have double shots, piercing, bouncing bullets, or even any extra damage, you can have some trouble with the first boss. But you should expect a pretty chill experience by the time you beat the second monster, assuming you didn’t get super unlucky with the unlocks.

Near the finish, you’ll want to gain the unlock that gives you a 33% chance of not consuming ammo while immobile, although it’s not required.

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SMG + Abby

This is a fireball-shooting Mini-Gun. This is a simple and enjoyable build with a lot of power.

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1. Select Abby as your character and the twin SMG as your weapon.

2. Focus on acquiring LIGHTNING and FIRE first for level-up upgrades; if they don’t appear, take a double bullet to help you get through the first boss. Your second priority is attack speed, reload speed and movement speed.

3. This is the first power boost you’ll experience once you get your hands on lightning. Every right click will create 16 bolts of lightning, which can effectively clear up to 20 enemies in addition to your bullets.

4. When you receive the tier-2 fire upgrade, which fires a fireball every four shots, you’ll gain your second power boost. As a result, every right-click will launch eight fireballs in the direction of your cursor. They are quite powerful and may rapidly clear away.

5. Your right-click ability becomes considerably faster once you defeat the first boss. This boosts the rate at which your lightning bolts and fireballs strike. It is ESSENTIAL that you choose the upgrade that raises your ammo capacity by three times, giving you 96 bullets every reload after you fight the second monster. Following that, YOU ARE THE GOD.

Health, Shield, and ICE are all useful additional upgrades that you can gain to make the game even simpler.

Thanks for reading my guide. Enjoy the slaughter.

Last Updated on May 12, 2024

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