Diablo Immortal: How To Go Through The Temple Of Namari

There are many fascinating and engaging quests that have enthralled players of Diablo Immortal. It has been a treat with controller adaptability available for both PC and mobile.

The Skeleton King is one of the first major bosses that players will face. As you make your way through the various quests, players will come across the Temple of Namari. It can be found in the seventh quest, titled “The Final Summoning,” of the Bilefen storyline. The Temple acts as a jail to hold Sargoth, whom you have to defeat.

It can get overwhelming for players to understand the full scenario before the main fight and during it as well. Therefore, the following guide will help in navigating the Temple of Namari, finding Sargoth, and defeating him. 

Diablo Immortal - Namari

Temple of Namari: Making your way through

Players will make their way down a straight corridor that leads to a foggy gate. You will have to eliminate the groups of Skeletal Warriors and Archers monitoring the area. After defeating them, meet Namari who will be in the middle of the second room. Once you finish interacting with her, another two groups of Skeletons will appear from underneath.

These enemies should be easy to remove, with the only real danger being posed by the Skeletal Mage and Skeletal Marauder. Having gotten all the rewards, go to the third room.

This area will have three Skeletal Mages who will call upon different enemies to attack you. Players should make sure to defeat these enemies in the beginning as it negates the mages’ powers. Moving on from this room, the fourth area will also have three Skeleton Mages, but they now have shields.

This makes them immune to your attacks, as they continue calling upon enemies to attack you. In order to remove the shields, make sure to defeat all the extra bosses in the centre of the battlefield’s ring.  Thus, you have now made it through all the protection of Sargoth. 

Temple of Namari: Fighting Sargoth

After players make through all the aforementioned enemies, they will let into the final area which houses Sargoth. The final boss is no easy feat to conquer, and will provide a real challenge for the heroes.

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Diablo Immortal - Sargoth

Therefore, knowing what Sargoth will throw at you and how to deal with them is of utmost importance. In that regard, Sargoth’s primary abilities are listed below: 

  • Missiles of Fire: Sargoth attacks with blue flame projectiles which will inflict major burning damage in AoE. 
  • Freezing Spikes: You will be faced with several spike-shaped orbs that break with an AoE after some time.
  • Nephalem Warrior Summon: Sargoth calls upon four ADDs who will link up with him in the fight. 

Players should make sure they have a supreme dodge ability, in order to avoid the AoE attacks. Keep mobile and do not stay at one place. Sargoth also has an array of Summons that will be used in the battle like: 

  • Torrid One: Do not enter the rings of fire and deal damage on the miniboss from its back or side. 
  • Fallen War Matron: Move around and avoid its slamming attacks which will cause heavy damage. 
  • Coldsnap: This miniboss has icy attacks which are carried through via a mace in a specific area. 
  • Voracity: Do not step on the puddles filled with poison as you engage in a fight with his miniboss. 
  • Ashen Maruaders: One has dashing attack, one has projectiles attack, and the other has spinning attack. 

Thus, you can see how Sargoth will use so many tactics in order to slay you and your team. The fighters have to be extremely careful and manage their health well. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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