AC Valhalla – How to Get Hidden Ones’ Outfit, Codex and Weapon

In this guide for Assassin’s Creed (AC): Valhalla, we will show you how to get your hands on “The Hidden Ones” Outfit, Codex Pages, and a weapon. If you want to find out the locations for these Outfit pieces, Codexes, and a weapon, you need to first build a “Hidden Ones’ Bureau” yourself. You can then access the missions from there afterward.


How to get the Hidden Ones’ Outfit, Codex, and Weapon in AC Valhalla

Once you build your Hidden ones Bureau, you will be given the task to fetch 6 Codex Pages hidden across the world. Along with these Codex pages, you can also acquire the Hidden Ones Armors needed to build the entire Armor set.

Hidden Ones’ Bureaus (Armor Pieces, Codex, and Weapon) Location in AC Valhalla

Piece 1 Location (Gloves)

piece 1 location ac valhalla
  • You can find this location in Ledescestrescire.
  • As shown in the above image, shoot the trigger point and it should drop a rock right below.
  • The rock will break the floor beneath revealing the secret hidden ones bureau location.
  • Go inside and grab the Codex Page, along with the hidden ones Gloves!

Piece 2 Location (Face Mask)

Piece 2 location ac valhalla
  • This Hidden Ones Bureau is at Lunden.
  • You need to go to a height, specifically, on a tree, and take the iconic leap of faith!
  • Once you fall down, the rest is pretty easy and along with the Codex Page, you should find the Hidden Ones’ Face Mask.

Piece 3 Location (Hood)

Piece 3 Location ac valhalla
  • You can find the Hoods in Essexe.
  • Go to the Location shown above and climb up the ruins using a rope to go up and over the walls.
  • Use scouting to locate the entrance to the passage for the Hidden Ones Bureau here.
  • Now simply dive into the water, and navigate to the entrance of the secret hideout.
  • Pick up the Codex page and the Hood of the Hidden Ones from there as well!
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Piece 4 Location (Chest Armor)

Piece 4 Location ac valhalla
  • To get the Chest Armor, you need to go to Jorvik.
  • Take the ship and keep going until you can get ashore and move on foot.
  • You should get a fast travel spot upon arriving at the docks so make sure you look out for that.
  • The entrance to this Hidden Ones Bureau is straight forward. Simply break the board as shown in the above image.
  • Enter the secret hideout, take the Codex, and the Chest Armor as well!

Piece 5 Location (Boots)

Piece 5 location ac valhalla
  • You can find the Boots in Glowecestrescire.
  • The power level for this region is quite high so avoid fighting any enemies or bears there. Ignore them and go forward.
  • Look for two big statues inside that place.
  • The Entrance should be in between these two statues if you go up the stairs.
  • There will be poison clouds at the entrance, so bring a torch and hold it down to go past them safely.
  • Go inside and pick up the Codex along with the Hidden Ones’ Leggings (Boots)!

Piece 6 Location (Suttungr’s Claw) – Weapon

Weapon location 6 ac valhalla
  • This is the final Hidden Ones Bureau you will encounter.
  • It is located in Wincestre.
  • Head over to the location shown above and look for an old statue there.
  • In front of it is a massive drop. Simply jump down the drop to discover the secret hideout.
  • Inside there you should find the Codex Page along with the coveted Suttungr’s Claw Dagger!

These Armors together can boost your overall stats to a large extent so make sure you own them at all costs. The Dagger is also quite powerful since it increases the critical damage you deal to enemies. Follow the guide step by step and get hold of all the hidden armors and weapons in AC Valhalla.

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