Chernobylite | All Weapons List And How To Get Them

In this guide, I will list all the weapons you can get in the game Chernobylite. I will also show you how you can get them. Take note that some of these weapons need certain items and parts to get. I will try to mention where you can find them as well. By the end of this guide, hopefully, you will have knowledge of all the weapons and their locations in the game. Without further delay, let’s check it out.

All Weapons List in Chernobylite & How To Get

As far as I have checked, you can get your hands on Four (4) weapons in the game. They are:

I will list each weapon below, the items if any, and the location/method to get them.


Pistol Chernobylite Gamertagzero

Description: This is the first and main weapon you will initially get in the game. In simple terms, there is a go-to weapon in such games. For Chernobylite it is the Revolver. This Weapon holds 7 rounds and has a slow fire rate. The In-Game description for the Revolver reads “A seven-shot revolver commonly used by NKVD operatives back in the day. Simple, reliable design. Easy to both recreate and upgrade.”

How To Get: Oliver will give you the Revolver which will have some rounds left in it. You will get this, as well as Oliver at the main base,. This will happen before you start your first mission in the game. Two Revolvers should be located in the Moscow Eye inside the building at the center of the Map. This place should be marked by a Question Mark [?]. The condition is that the location on the Map should be available to do a Mission so make sure you have one before looking. You can also Craft a revolver using an electric lathe in the main base. The Items needed are 6 x Mechanical parts & 4 x Electronical parts.


Shotgun Chernobylite Gamertagzero

Description: This is your main power weapon, so to speak, in the game. Remember how you slay zombies with slugs and heavy arms? Yes! This one is that one. The only difference is that here, you will get to slay shadows and chernohosts with it. Like all other shotguns, this one also has slow Reload actions and time but the damage makes up for it. Time then correctly and you should not have issues in using it. The in-game description reads “Multi-shot, smoothbore pump-action shotgun. The most practical armament, very easy to manufacture and use. With a little skill, you can modify its age-old design to increase its possibilities.”

How To Get: You can find Two Shotguns in the Moscow Eye inside the buildings on the north side of the map. You can see the pattern with the weapons. Some are at the mid of the map and others at specific directions on the map. You can also craft a Shotgun using Electrical Lathe in the main base. The Items required are 10 x Mechanical parts & 8 x Electronical parts.

Assault Rifle (AK-47)

Ak47 Chernobylite Gamertagzero

Description: The damage of the Assault rifle is less than that of the revolver. The weapon is, however, sufficient enough to take down enemies. One tip I can give is to narrow down the stream of enemies so that you can spray them in a line. In this way, you can take out more enemies with lesser bullets. You will face the issue of ammo shortage hence ammo management with AK-47 is crucial to using it. Try to use fewer bullets in taking down more. Usually, 1-2Clipping enemies would do the job! The in-game description of the weapon reads “Automatic Soviet assault rifle, developed in the wake of the World War II”

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How To Get: This weapon is located on the Pripyat port. Presumably, it is the Large building in the area (The largest as per my knowledge) so you should not have issues figuring out which one it is. You need to make your way to the back of the large building and go through the wires and gate. In order to do that, you need to climb a ledge, then go through the window to get it. After you have gotten in you will find the AK inside the room itself. Here are some Illustrative images to give you a rough idea about where to look and/or go:

AK 47 location 1 AK 47 location 2

Molecular Plasma Thrower

Molecular Plasma Thrower gt0

Description: The In-game description reads “A cutting edge weapon that creates and throws a stable plasma projectile which will destabilize and break the molecules of a living organism upon impact.” A definite weapon for your arsenal. You should get your hands on this as soon as you can. It will make your life in Chernobylite that much easier. The weapon runs on Molecular Batteries which takes 2 x Mushrooms and 2 x Electronic parts to make. Getting/Crafting the actual weapon can be tricky, hence I will show you how to get/make it.

How To Get: So far, there is no particular location know by me where you can get this weapon. Yes, you can make one for yourself so good news in terms of that! Molecular Plasma Thrower can be made by Molecular Accelerator in the main base. The Item requirements are 4 x Mushrooms 6 x Electronical parts 12 x Flammable parts & 4 x Chemicals. You can find mushrooms in the forests of Chernobylite. The rest of the items can be acquired by simply exploring the urban-like areas in the game. If I can manage to find dedicated locations for them I will be sure to update this post.

That would be all from this guide on all weapons for Chernobylite and how to get them. I am open to questions/suggestions via the comment section below. If you feel like, don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks for dropping by and I will see you soon with more of such content.

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

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