Amazing Cultivation Simulator | Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks

In this guide for Amazing Cultivation Simulator, we will show you some Beginners’ guides along with Tips and Tricks. These Strategies will help you to begin the game easily and in a more convenient way.

The Guide segments into 3 sections namely; Character Selection Options, Starting tips and tricks, and Feng Shui Guide. Read on for the full guide…

Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Amazing Cultivation Simulator

Character Selection Guide

Your Party is separated into 3 people with one “Main Character” which contains background points. Keep in mind your Background defaults when you randomize.

Statistical Distribution
The Stat grid thresholds are per pentagon line. “Moderate” is the innermost line and “High” is the next line out from there. Try to align your MC’s stats with your background’s art.

There are really effective traits like heaven’s chosen and gifted. In practice, you should put more emphasis on stat distributions and Skills.

The only skills your cultivators care about are Qi cultivation, Crafting, and battle. In the early game, You start with a free Level Pill but cultivation is a long road. So gear up and be ready for the long grind ahead.

Suggestive picks to do:

  • Artifact Savior for 2 Points
  • Three artifacts to avoid the -15 penalty for being without one until you get around to crafting one.
  • A Basic Law for 1 point, ensures that you start with at least 100% compatibility. This is vital so keep this in mind.
  • Sociable for the extra starter pawn as Inner Sect members avoid doing chores.

Starting Guides, Tips, and Tricks

Generally, your starting should go in this order:

  1. Chopping Wood
  2. Placing Campfire
  3. Placing The two Crafting spots
  4. Cutting Trees and/or Punch rocks
  5. Crafting Planks or Bricks (probably both)
  6. Crafting Tools
  7. Building a well
  8. Building Assorted tool stations that upgrade what you have
  9. Placing Farms
  10. Building an Observatory
  11. Building rooms. Ideally, you should Build Four 3×5 Internals and one 5×5 Internal for your Sect Leader.
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Important Notes

  • Rooms for cultivators should Ideally be made of the element that their element consumes
  • Only the bed should be their element. Other furniture should be of the consumed element as well.
  • Keep the Door on the south side.
  • Start with a cultivation Pill
  • Once you have your new Inner Disciple they won’t work. Provide them with an Artifact and a weapon.
  • Weapons can be crafted or found on corpses. Artifacts cost at least 5000 Qi in a material to craft.

Secrets (Tips and Tricks)

  • You can access “secrets” under the world tab
  • Look out for a secret mission to investigate the old sect.
  • This gives you all of the starter inheritances.
  • This is usually triggered after you are a few weeks into the game.

Feng Shui Guide

  • Make sure that your rooms are made of the element that is consumed by what you are trying to cultivate.
  • The only item of your element should be the Bed/Throne object you cultivate on.
  • Bedroom doors should face south

The rest of the Feng Shui tutorial is very helpful and self-explanatory so make sure you follow them as well. Press F10 on keyboard to open the help window to view the Feng Shui Information.

That is all we are sharing in this guide for Amazing Cultivation Simulator | Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks. Leave your comments down in the section below and we will see you in the next one!

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Last Updated on December 12, 2021

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