Arma Reforger | Evron Bigfoot Complete Guide

In Arma Reforger play as a Game Master and construct your own scenarios for others to enjoy, or experience actual Cold Warfighting and join friends in the battle for a large 51 square kilometer mid-Atlantic island.

Here in this guide, you will get to know everything there is to know about the creature called Evron Bigfoot in the game Arma Reforger. Check out below for the full details.

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Full Guide For The Evron Bigfoot In Arma Reforger

The Evron Bigfoot: Overview

The mysterious Bigfoot, sometimes known as Yeti, Sasquatch, Samsquanch, or Buga-boo, lives on the island of Evron. Although the species does not reside in swamps, it is known as the “Evron Swamp Booger” in Southern Louisiana and Alabama on the opposite side of the world.

The Evron Bigfoot is rarely seen by people, preferring to stay in wooded areas and run down to little ponds at night for a drink of water. They usually hide just outside of war zones, waiting for an opportunity to plunder the battlefield while no one is watching.

Both NATO and the Soviet Union consider the Evron Bigfoot to be a severely endangered species. In the wild, only about 23 individuals remain.

Slaying someone is a global war crime that is punishable by death in every country on the planet, including Sweden. Only 0.02 percent of players will ever obtain the “Cryptid Sighted” achievement for spotting one in the game.

Evron Bigfoot Location

On the Isle of Evron, where may one look for Bigfoot?

The truth is that people who search for this elusive species will never succeed. The Evron Bigfoot is said to have telepathic skills that allow it to sense whether or not someone is looking for it. This has allowed the species to flourish for centuries.

But, surely, the Evron Bigfoot can be found somewhere in ArmA’s local files? Technically, yes; but, these files are said to be protected by AES-512 military-grade encryption, and Marek Spanel is the only living person who has the key.

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He is said to carry this key around on a gold necklace attached to a Soviet-issued USB flash drive from the Cold War, keeping it close to his heart. The Enfusion Engine will only unlock the assets and load the Evron Bigfoot for a deserving player who has a pure heart and has no intention of harming the monster.

Marek did not reveal much information regarding the Evron Bigfoot when interviewed. He denied having the Soviet USB flash drive, but he did have a characteristic, thin gold chain around his neck and a small square object tucked beneath his shirt.

Spanel remarked, authoritatively, “Endangered animals should be left alone.” “If I knew such a creature existed, I would not allow it to be hunted by those who are only interested in killing one for a trophy.”

What To Do If You Encounter The Evron Bigfoot

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If you come across the beast, you should:

  • Lower your weapon as soon as you see the Evronian Bigfoot.
  • Then, while gripping a small tree or shrub, press your butt upward and hold it as high as possible.
  • This signals to the creature that you are not hostile and may be receptive, and he will approach to smell you.

When the creature realizes you are not another bigfoot but a harmless human, it will go about its job, as usual, lurking in locations slightly out of camera focus and avoiding detection by scientific instruments.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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