Bear and Breakfast: How To Improve Hygiene Score

Simulation games have been proving a major hit in recent times with Bear and Breakfast the latest to join the list. Players are in charge of Hank the Bear who is constructing a motel from an abandoned building by the highway.

The plan is to convert it into a bed and breakfast where one of the key things is hygiene. Indeed, players will realize that there is no bathroom inside the motel.

The maiden location of the game will involve customers using the outhouse which will also showcase the different ratings that players will have to take care of. The following guide will help players in understanding how to increase their hygiene score in the game. 

Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast: Focusing on hygiene 

Players will be marked on various metrics like comfort, decoration, feedback, and hygiene is a big one. The rating aspect of the game is one of the most important parts which will decide your progress in the game.

Players will find similarities to Two Point Hospital as they manage the bed and breakfast. Eventually, you will keep on moving to new places as you expand your business.

Therefore, to improve your hygiene level, it is obvious that players need to set up a bathroom with a necessary set of furniture that will serve their guests well.

You will have to keep on gathering resources that will help your cause till you reach the second location of the game in A24, which is to the south of Timber Crossing. 

Bear and Breakfast - Bathroom Hygiene Score

Bear and Breakfast: Building a bathroom for hygiene score

There are a few key steps that will need to be followed in Hank’s journey to building a bathroom: 

  • Firstly, players will have to tidy up the next motel, repair the roof, and build a front desk and rooms before calling guests.
  • This is important because no new motel can have guests over unless bedrooms are set up.
  • Only after following this step will you be able to add bathrooms in the location. 
  • Get to building a bathroom and add the necessary items inside.
  • These include a toilet, sink, shower, and other things that will help in boosting your score immensely from the first level where guests had to use the outhouse. 
  • The general criteria are that two bedrooms should have a minimum of one bathroom containing the aforementioned facilities.
  • No doubt there is a lot of money and resources that are involved. Therefore, keep making your guests happy and gathering the necessary items.
  • Furthermore, you can also talk with the robot shark to get a few recipes and resources. 
  • After completing the bathrooms, your hygiene score will soar as they become fully functional. This will allow for smoother progress through the game. 
  • Players should also be careful of making the bathrooms too fancy as it will be harder to manage and run which can hinder your progress. 
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Thus, that is all players need to know about improving their hygiene scores. It will only be possible from the second location and a lot of money. Therefore, keep hustling until you are comfortable and you will get there soon. 

Last Updated on August 2, 2022

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