Blue Archive – Best Students/Characters for PvP

In this guide for Blue Archive, I will be focusing on why you should pick the best students/characters for PvP. If you are starting with Blue Archive, say as a new player, these tips will help you a lot. By the end of this guide, I hope you will have the right basics for PvP content in this game.

Blue Archive Best Students/Characters for PvP

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The list I am about to show you is heavily used in JP servers. For the global version, you can try out the same. I have been testing the game on Global versions and they are doing quite well.

I do not think you will have any issues following the same method they use in JP servers.

If you happen to use a JP server yourself, you know very well what I am talking about. On a side note, if you want to know, which amongst the following students or characters I would recommend to reroll, check out my guide on Best Blue Archive Characters to Reroll. Having that out of the way, let’s check out the list.

Tsubaki [STRIKER/2⭐️]

blue archive tsubaki

If you want one of the best tanks in the game, you should go for Tsubaki. She is a great Front Tank. She has the classification of Special Type and this is quite rare in this game.

Her counter can be Haruna and Chise. If you do not have Haruna, you should pick Chise as the counter to this character.

She has increased defense and an ability that Taunts the enemies. Her healing ability is also quite impactful. Since you will draw the attention of a lot of enemies with her Taunt, you need these Healing abilities to sustain you. She also has decreased incoming damage as her passive which is a big deal here.

If you manage to unlock her last sub-skill, called Expert Reload, this is the one skill that will reduce the incoming damage by 24% while reloading. A 2-star tank like her is a must-have in the team so I highly recommend that you run her in the current meta of the game.

Haruna [STRIKER/3⭐️]

blue archive haruna

Haruna is pretty tough to roll when it comes to students/characters in Blue Archive. I can imagine why that is so because she is one of the best characters to counter Tsubaki. If you are in a PvP battle and you face a Tsubaki, then your chances of beating them become either Haruna or Chise.

Her ATK Damage is insane for her class. If you are facing one of the best tanks in the game, you need these kinds of damage numbers.

This will ensure that you eat through the armor and shields of Tsubaki with relative ease. I would highly recommend her in your account in the current meta for Blue Archive.

Hibiki [SPECIAL/3⭐️]

blue archive hibiki

Hibiki comes off as a specialist character. Her specialty is that she can deal massive AoE or Area of Effect Damage. You can take note of this using her first skill called “This is gonna hurt”.

An Attack Damage of 591% is insane AoE DMG to do to enemies. Also, take note that her passive skill gives Critical Chance damage to the team. This is also a major buff passive that should be used.

Hoshino [STRIKER/3⭐️]

bluearchive hoshino

If you are looking for a good tank to pair with Tsubaki, then Hoshino is the one to go for. Use her in synergy with Tsubaki to increase the overall defense of your Team.

Her EX is also quite effective. It does decent damage to enemies, which to my surprise, was not expected from a Front Tank character other than Tsubaki.

Her abilities also allow your team to push the enemies further back. This is ideal for those situations where you want to reach the backline to do more damage to them.

The “Tactical Suppression” EX skills have a Fan-Shaped effect, which also mini-stuns the enemies. This is not written in the description but the effect of this move does the same (Well… kind of!)

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Iori [STRIKER/3⭐️]

blue archive iori guide

Iori is a straightforward no BS character. Pure backline damage dealer and one of the best in my opinion. She can be hard to reroll for, but I think she is worth the grind.

Even though Iori comes off as a sniper, her AoE damage is surprisingly good. Her EX Skills does AoE Fan-shaped damage in the front. For a 3 Cost skill, 350% damage is a lot and you can spam this in higher levels also.

Karin [SPECIAL/3⭐️]

blue archive karin

Karin is my next alternative for one of the best Specialist Slots. She is also a Backline Damage dealer for your team. If you looking to do massive damage to a single enemy, Karin is the one to go for.

1099% ATK DMG to the single enemy is insane in this game. As you may have already figured out, she is good for Boss Damage with such specialist skills.

She also has Stuns and Buffs with her Basic and Passive skills, respectively. If you use her properly, you can do good chunks of damage to large enemies in particular.

Use her in proper synergy with a good Frontline Tank to bring the best out of Karin.

Serina [SPECIAL/1⭐️]

blue archive serina

Serina may be a surprise appearance in this list for several players. You must be wondering why I am using a 1 Star Character here.

Well, if you want a budget healer in your team (which you should run always), then Serina is the one to go for. Her EX costs 2 only and moves 1 ally to heal it for 120% HP.

In PvP healing 1 ally is all you need to get the team back on track. If this ally happens to be a Tsubaki then your team will be back in the game.

Her main job is to ensure that you sustain or outlast your opponent in a battle of Damage and Healing. I will recommend that you try her once.

Shun [STRIKER/3⭐️]


Next up on my list of best students/characters will be Shun. If you have already read my list of top characters to reroll, then you know that she is one of the top characters to reroll for. Her main USP is not her EX Skill but her Basic Skill!

You gain an advantage of 3.8 Cost when the battle begins. This gives you an advantage of cost as soon as the battle starts. This is very clutch in strong PvP battles.

Other Students/Characters To Look for [Unreleased Global]

There are some students or characters that are yet to be released in the global version. Once they do release, take note of that and try to get them in your team.

Once they are released, I will discuss them in further detail. For now, let us take a look at the list:

  • Mashiro [Swimsuit Ver.]
  • Mikamo Neru [Bunny Girl Ver.]
  • Sorasaki Hina [Swimsuit Ver.]

You can check them out in the meantime on their respective fandom pages to know more. Once they do release get them as soon as possible and try them out for PvP content, and in general uses as well.

Take note that your list of best PvP Students can be different from mine. I would love to know your thoughts so comment down below without hesitation. I hope this guide has helped you in one way or the other to get the basics of PvP characters right.

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Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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