Blue Archive – Pyroxene Farming Guide and Tips

The question arises in Blue Archive how much Pyroxenes can an F2P Player earn without spending anything? Well, I will try to answer that in this guide.

Hopefully, by the end, you will have a better idea and get some decent farming tips for it as well. If you have any unique methods to farm pyroxenes that are not listed here, do mention that. 

Blue Archive – Pyroxene Farming Guide and Tips for F2P Players

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Doing Tasks

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This may come off as a surprise, but a lot of players ovelook the “Tasks” tab. I do not know the reason, but if you are not doing it, do it! You will have a lot of options to farm pyroxenes here. The options of tasks you can do here are:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Achievement
  • Challenges

If you just click on “All” you can view all the pending and completed tasks. If I talk specifically, the “challenge tasks” tab can give you a decent number of pyroxene. For example, one of the challenge tasks says “Clear Stage 2 Mission 2 within 3 turns”. These simple tasks give you 30 x Pyroxenes.

You can individually claim the rewards, or complete all the tasks and select “claim all”. I find the latter more efficient to use since I do not want to keep track of each task reward.

The order in which you should do the tasks is flexible, but I would suggest Daily > Weekly > Challenges > Achievements. That is because daily tasks will expire first and then the weekly ones.

I also suggest you do these on “Hard” Mode. You will see 50 x Pyroxenes lying around within these stages. These come in the form of “Supply Resources”. I do not think you will get this much amount in other modes. Correct me if I am mistaken here, by commenting down.

Pyroxene Cost for Refreshing Stamina

Ideally, refresh your stamina 6 times per day. This is not my personal opinion, but this is suggested by Veteral JP Server players. You might be wondering why you need to do that. To explain this, I will have to take you through some calculations:

  • Refreshing the first 3 times costs 30 Pyroxenes.
  • After you do 3 Times, the next refresh will increase to a cost of 60 Pyroxenes.
  • The 7th round will increase this to 90 Pyroxenes which is not ideal

If you are to refresh the entire stamina every day, the total Pyroxenes for 1 day would be 30 x 3 = 90 + 60 x 3 = 180.

Adding these two, you will need to spend 270 pyroxenes per day just to refresh your stamina. If you go for weekly expense, this will become 270 x 7 = 1890 pyroxenes. This is a LOT of currency to spend just to refresh stamina.

A lot of players think this is not worth it, but one thing to note is, the amount of gems we get. We mainly get them from Dailies, Weeklies, and PvP content.

“Total assault” is yet to unlock, which can give you more gems. Ranking in raids is also very important. If you reach the top 10,000 rank, you will get 1,200 Pyroxenes, which is a lot!

Daily F2P Pyroxenes

If you only decide to do Daily Missions and tasks, you can easily get 20 Pyroxenes every single day just by completing everything on the list.

This may seem small, but it is important to recover the weekly 1890 gems you are giving away to refresh stamina. If you count it for 1 week, this becomes 140 gems. So, I would recommend that you do all the Daily Tasks and do not skip any of them.

Weekly F2P Pyroxenes

You can obtain a total of 120 pyroxenes or gems by completing all the weekly tasks given. You should first complete the daily ones and then move to the weekly tasks.

That is because these expire after the daily ones. So do that in the correct order to avoid missing any of them. Now, if you sum them up, the total Pyroxenes by doing Daily and Weekly tasks for 1 week is 140 + 120 = 260 gems!

Gems (Pyroxenes) you can farm in PvP [JP Servers]

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There are a lot of ways to get gems from the PvP section of the game. The list includes Battles, Time, Daily ones, Best Season Records, and Best Record Overall.

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If I do not count anything except the “From Day” part, you will still get 10/day or 70 gems per week! The top 1 can get 45 gems per day and the top 100 gets 30 gems per day, but I am not even considering that. Now let’s take a look at raid rewards!

Raids and Rewards

Each boss gives you 1200 gems for being in the top 10,000, and 1000 gems if you are 10,000+. There will be 2 bosses each month.

If you only attack the boss and claim the point rewards, you earn around 500 gems from that alone. Hence each boss totals about 1500 – 1700. Doing this twice means you earn close to 3000 – 3400 gems per month.

Maintenance Rewards

You also get some amount of Pyroxenes after every maintenance in JP Servers. We will have to wait and see if the same happens for Global Versions of the servers as well. If that happens, you will get around 960 gems from maintenance rewards only.

Special Events ( X2 and X3 events)

In JP Servers, they have special events that give you times 2, and times 3 rewards for everything you obtain in the game. This is also applicable to Pyroxenes or gems.

So you can imagine doing the same activities can grant you double or triple the Gems in such special events. 1

We need to observe what happens in global servers, but in JP Servers, this already happens and grants the players a lot of goodies.

Usually, these events last from 5 days up to 2 weeks. Again, I would not get my hopes up until they do the same for Global Ver. as well.

Get Saya’s Eleph from PvP Shop

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Go to the Shop tab, and purchase Energy drink along with Lesser Energy Drink every single day if it is possible. Along with this make sure to purchase “Saya’s Eleph” from the store.

You can also save up for other characters to get added to the PvP shop. For now, focus on her as much as possible. That is because she is great in raids, where you will get a lot of Gems/Pyroxenes.

If you did not re-roll for her or did not get her, that is all well and good because you can purchase her from the PvP Shop. She has a decent crit damage (17% at level 10) which you can use in raids and other modes in general.


In crafting do not randomly upgrade/acquire the items as you go on. Instead, try to follow this order to optimize your gems;

  1. Types of Furniture should be prioritized first
  2. Gift comes on the list next
  3. High-Grade Substances will be the next priority here.

If you try to do the crafting in that order, this will maximize your optimization and how you progress in the game. You can always experiment around until you find what works best for you. In my personal opinion, those are the priorities in crafting.

Joining Active Club

You obtain 10 energy from the mailbox as a daily check-in reward if you join a club. The reason to join a club is not because of this energy reward even though it is important.

The main objective of joining an active club is the support you get from them during raids.

When you are doing a raid, you have the option to select One Support Unit from your club. If your club has a lot of great support, it can make your raid that much easier.

This is very important and I highly recommend that you do not skip this point, and join an active club ASAP.

The ultimate goal is to get help from the club members to reach the top 10,000 rank in raids. As I mentioned earlier, this will help you to get the covered 1200 pyroxenes or gems.

The raid will be soon introduced to the game so be on the lookout for that. If you are reading this at a later time, then maybe the raid is already available and you are grinding the gacha currencies!

If you follow these simple tips, I hope you can earn enough Pyroxene to sustain you for each month. You need to grind somewhat for that, but it will be worth the time.

Just wait for now and see how the game unfolds for the global servers, then proceed as I suggested. You will be Farming pyroxenes in Blue Archive in no time! Do leave your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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