Myth of Empires – Complete Farming Guide

In this guide for Myth of Empires, I will show you how to plant different saplings. This is basically a farming guide where you produce a lot of products for several purposes. Typically as you push past Bronze Age!

I will be discussing how you can setup you farm, plant those needed saplings, nurture them, and more related activities. Certain products like soybean, the biproduct called vegetable oil, and more can be done using this method. The next progress after this is Iron weapons.

Hence you can see how important Farming is in this game. Well it is crucial, but can be very difficult and boring to do, hence I will share some tips. On a side note, if you just starting with Myth of Empire, check out the Beginner Guide for more information!

Complete Farming/Planting Guide for Myth of Empires

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How To be a Farmer in MoL

If you want to progress further after a certain point (typically after level 30-35), you should definitely do farming. That is because it will unlock more options in the future. This process is not easy at all since it takes up a lot of resources. To set up a farm you need to do the following:

  • Reach Level 38
  • Unlock Farming Structure and Use that
  • Put down the Farming Structure on an ideal surface.
  • Ideally, put an NPC on the farm to do the cultivation for you

if you are fine with all these, and want to dedicate yourself to it, I will recommend you put all the points (Usually 5) to “Plant”.  This will help you level up quickly by making you proficient in it.

If you do not do this, it will takes ages for you to do the entire activity and you can easily over-exhaust yourself. Try to focus on the Plant proficiency under your Skills tab to optimize farming as much as you can!

myth of empires planting

Where to Find Farming Locations

You cannot simply setup a farm anywhere you wish to do so. You need to find specific and strategic locations to setup farms. That is because a farm needs different resources and labour to run efficiently.

You goal is to provide the right balance of all of them to get the best out of the farming and planting activity. There are a couple of ways to do it. You can simply plant a sapling in a box structure near your base. This is the smallest scale of farming.

For a much large scale production of plantation, Open up the map > Search for places called “Farmland”. These are basically moist/wet soil which has almost become muddy. This is the ideal place to grow crops!

location for farming myth of empires

There are various sizes of Farmland so you should pick as per your growth and planting capacity. If you go for a large area of cultivation, but you have limited resources, you will be wasting some piece of land. Hence pick the area as per your resources.

Planting Seed Requirements

One main thing to note during the seeding process is Soil Porosity. The larger the field, the more hits you will be doing to the farmland. Now, coming back to soil porosity, different seeds have different requirements for soil porosity. There are also other requirements for The seeds which I will also mention. Some examples are:

  • Most Seeds needs a soil porosity of around ➡️ 30
  • Common Flax Seed ➡️ Soil Porosity Requirement = 50
  • Low Quality Rice seed ➡️ Soil Porosity Requirement = 30. 
    • Moisture Requirement = 714
    • Green Manure Requirement = 125
    • Organic Fertilizer Requirement = 71
    • Ash Fertilizer Required = 36

There are other seeds like soybean which also needs different amounts of the above items and conditions. Whatever the seed may be, make sure that you are meeting the said requirement in order to grow them in your farmland.

Soil Porosity and How To Increase

Soil Porosity goes down with time, so it is vital to maintain a healthy level to meet the seed requirements. You maybe wondering how you can increase this in the first place? The first thing needed is a Crude Planter. There are other aspects to a farmland that you need to address:

  • Water
  • Green Manure
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Ash Fertilizer
  • Times Fertilized

farmland paramenter mol

All of these should start off with their maximum values and deplete over time.

To Increase Porosity of Farmland, you need to unlock a special skillset. This is called the Crude Planter. This is found under Tool Expertise > Cultivation (level 16) > Crude Planter. 

crude planter myth of empires

After that, simply go over the farmland, and keep hitting it. The percentage increase will depend on how big or small of a land it is. The larger is is the slower will be the increase and vice versa.

How To Plant Seeds on Farmland

Once you are about 20 or 25 above the needed soil porosity, Press I (by default) and locate seed > Place seed on your main inventory > Press the assigned key using Left-Click on the farmland to plant. 

planting seed myth of empires

Take note that the planters can plant low quality seeds only. If you have higher rarity seeds, these need special demands and farmlands and cannot be planted here. The rest of the seeds can be grown easily in these farmlands.

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Now for the plant you are currently using (for example Low-quality Rice), It will need the farmland requirements to grow even more. I have already mentioned them in the above points. Still just to recap:

  • Water
  • Green Manure
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Ash Fertilizer
  • Times Fertilized
  • Special Demands (In case of more high qualities)

Once you have grown same plantations on the same field or cycled a lot, it will start to demand more from you in terms of manure and labour. You can either wait, or skip this by using a different farmland, but that is up to personal preference.

How To Water your Plants

To water a plant, the first thing you will need is a Wooden Barrel. This will change to Large Barrel once you reach a much higher level. You can build both of these from your inventory. The requirements should be mentioned besides them.

Now, simply drag the barrel from your building/storage space to your main inventory. After that, go over the farmland you want to water. Now, simply press the key you have assigned the barrel to.

For example if it is “2”, press 2 and you will see the water level of the farmland going up! It usually goes up by 500 with the large barrel, and 200 with the small barrel, after every click.

There will be a filled barrel count and an unfilled barrel count. The filled count will decrease and the unfilled will increase. This is also a good indication that you are watering the farmland.

How To Fertilize Your Field

The basic requirement is ash fertilizer. This also works in the same manner as the the barrels for watering plants. Simply equip them on your main inventory > Press the same key as the one you are using for that > The character will do a sprinkle animation. 

That is how you can fertilize the field properly. You should now see the Ash Fertilizer count going up, and the Times Fertilized also going up. At higher levels, make sure that he Unspent Fertilizer is never 0.

This will maintain a good yield of crops and quality of it as well. This will also mean that you can get return seeds from the crops you are growing. This increases the efficiency of the overall farming by a lot!

How To Get Water

The first obvious thing to do is find a source of water. It ideally should be a large one. You should look for streams and rivers to collect water. Now Stand inside the water, and Click on the key that holds your barrel.

how to get water myth of empires

You should see the empty barrel count decrease and the Filled Barrel count increase. That is the simplest way to fill water on the barrels and bring it back to your farmland! In short:

  • Go To A River Stream
  • Locate the Unfilled Barrel in your inventory
  • Press the Unfilled barrel Key (Example 6 or 70
  • Filled count increases and unfilled decreases
  • Bring it back to Farmland to Water again!

Farming Seeds

After you have done all the above steps, simply wait for them to grow. All you need to do is monitor the requirements of the farmland and that is basically growing crops! Now we come to farming more seeds from them.

Farming seeds is quite simple, and instead of detailing them, I will be putting them in bullet points for ease of reference:

  • Farm Bushes
  • Ideally, use sickle to cut down bushes efficiently
  • You have more chances to get variety of seeds the more you farm.
  • Does take up some space but worth it at early levelling stages

Try to get your planting/farming skill points up! This will help you majorly in doing these activities more efficiently.

Finished Harvest – Cultivating Crops

cultivating crops myth of empires

To pluck them out simply press “E” to Collect them. There are different types of harvest when it comes to cultivation or plucking them out. These are:

  • Weak Harvest (least seeds returned)
  • Medium Harvest (average to more seeds returned)
  • Perfect Harvest (100% seeds returned)

To get The Perfect Harvest, make sure you have all the resources and requirements going at all times. For example the water level, porosity, fertilizer levels, and times fertilized should always be ticking!

If they tend to stop often, that means you are not doing it efficiently, and they run the risk of being Medium to Weak Harvests.

To get 100% of the seeds back, you need Perfect Harvest. Otherwise the number of seeds you get back reduces with the type of harvest you make. 

To Get more Fertilized Ground after a harvest, go over the farmland, and Destroy the leftover husks. This will ensure that the ground is more fertilized to do the next cycle.

If you have followed the guide to the end, drop a comment to let me know your thoughts. That would be all from this guide on Farming for Myth of Empires. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload the latest gaming content for PC and Android. Feel free to check that out at your own leisure. Got specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading.

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

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  1. if you’re not level 38 and harvest from fields you planted will you still get seeds from perfect harvest? i’m lvl 36 and not getting any seeds even from perfect harvest

    1. Yes. One of my friends was getting them at Level 30. Make sure that once you look at them, they say “Perfect Harvest”. Then plucking them will show you the seed counts as you go on plucking them.

  2. one thing that isn’t mentioned anywhere is how to get “rotten food” to make organic fertiliser. It’s not putrid meat and the game isn’t really clear on it.

    1. Do you want to know how to automate the farming using shed? for that you need to locate a Farmland. Then you need some materials to build that. it is a broken shed like structure found in the Farmlands.

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