COD MW2: How To Get Union Guard Blueprint

We love when our beloved franchises revamp their in-game style to fit the requirements of the modern-day and entice more interesting gameplay. It could be in the form of more prizes, special unlockable features, or more.

The same is the case for Call of Duty with its newest installment titled Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). As always, there are a bunch of trophies to collect and achievements to accomplish alongside designing your weapons with mastery camos to stand out in all situations.

Additionally, you have a range of attachments and perks to choose from when it comes to using your favorite weapons. They can really make the difference between winning and losing, which will only embolden your style of play in the future.

One item that players should be aiming for is the Union Guard, which you can get as you progress in the game. Given that it is a new addition to Modern Warfare 2 (MW2), the following guide will help players in knowing all about it and how to get it.

Call of Duty MW2 - Union Guard

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) – What is the Union Guard?

The Union Guard is a cosmetic item in the game whose blueprint will definitely add potency to your armory. In its basic form, the Union Guard is like a different variation of the in-game M4. The gun is also used by Captain Price in his personal capacity throughout the MW2’s Campaign mode.

Alongside the new look M4, you will be getting your hands on attachments as well. These include the following items:

  • SZ 1MW PEQ Laser
  • Lockgrip Precision-40 Vertical Grip
  • DSS Covert V Silencer
  • Aim OP-V4 Reflex Optics

You have full freedom to make use of the attachments so there are no restrictions. Therefore, you can fully customize and shape up your weapon to your style which will only enable you to earn more hits against opponents as the Campaign moves forward.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) – How to get Union Guard

The only way to get the Union Guard is to finish off with the entire Campaign mode in the game. Therefore, it will take players a while to get their hands on this special and unique cosmetic item in the game.

However, given that everyone virtually has to complete the game, this is a guaranteed item to get, no matter how long you take in a number of hours.

Another benefit for players is that the Campaign mode is a rip-rollickin’ affair this time around, as it seems to be in every new edition. Therefore, there is no space where players may feel bored and leave the game anytime midway. Additionally, there is no specific difficulty level for players either, meaning you can run through the Campaign mode at the most basic level and it will still earn you the Union Guard in MW2.

Thus, that is all the information you will require to get the new feature of the Union Guard. This is a definite bonus for players, given that you do not have to do anything extra in order to unlock it. So, just go play your natural game and you will soon be gorging on the Union Guard.

Last Updated on November 1, 2022

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