Overwatch 2 Aim Feels Off – How To Solve The Issue

Overwatch 2 saw a surge of players pouring in from all over the world to experience the thrill of the much-awaited PvP in this new version. For the new players as well as the veteran players, it was a rough start, to begin with. This was because of a number of DDOS attacks followed by a long waiting queue for logging in and Migration.

The developers have slowly begun to stabilize the servers and people are now seeing an increase in login attempts and less waiting time in queues. For those who got in, especially for the returning and veteran players of Overwatch, the aim for Overwatch 2 seemed “Off” or weird to being with. This was ruled out initially until a lot more players reported the same issue.

In this guide, my goal will be to address the issue in the first place and show you some fixes and troubleshooting tips to get around this weird or Off aim in OW2. Keep reading.

How To Solve Off Or Weird Aim Issues in Overwatch 2

There are some settings that were defaulted to On in Overwatch 1 and are now defaulted to Off in Overwatch 2. These settings can make a large difference in aiming if you do not change them before getting into a game. Also, there are some settings that need to be changed regarding the overall gameplay. This will also make the game smoother and make your aim less laggy and smoother. Let us check them out:

ENABLE HIGH PRECISION MOUSE INPUT – Turn this ON. This was on in OW1 by default which was Off by default for me. If you turn this on, your aim will become much smoother. You can find this option in Options > Settings > General > Miscellaneous > enable high precision mouse input.

Aim Feel Off in Overwatch 2 Change This

DYNAMIC RENDER SCALE – Turn this setting OFF. This automatically adjusts the minimum and maximum render scaling and adjusts as per your systems’ performance. This can cause your aim to become off and weird at times. I would recommend turning this off and trying it out yourself if it makes any difference.

RENDER SCALE – Set the CUSTOM Render Scale to 100% resolution. This is the most optimal setting to scale your rendering. Removes all kinds of input lag and matches your aim with your mouse movement.

FRAME RATE – Set the frame rate to 1 above your monitor’s native refresh rate. This will make sure you get the most out of your monitor and input from the mouse. For me, I have set this value to 241 since I have a 240Hz monitor.

VSYNC – Turn Vsync off since this can cause input lags with your mouse and the data being registered to your monitor. I do not think there is any situation in which you should turn this ON except if you are facing unbearable screen tearing and frame jumps.

Fixing weird or off aim on overwatch 2

TURN OFF FSR/DLSS – If you are using HDR, FSR, or DLSS, these can impact your mouse movement and aim. Turning These off from the settings is a good idea to begin with. You can, later, turn them ON if you feel they are not making a significant difference to your overall performance in-game.

Check to see if you are meeting the refresh rate of your monitor. If you are not, I would recommend lowering the graphics settings until you can achieve the Frame Rates that match the refresh rate for your monitor. This will result in a smooth aim experience and an overall good performance.

Since Overwatch 2 is heavily based on PvP matchmaking, you need to hamper some graphics for better performance to land those important shots and aim properly. I would suggest lowering shadows and Ambience to start with. Reduce the Quality of graphics at the end, when you can see that there is nothing else to do to increase the FPS.

I hope after following these suggestions and tips, the aiming for Overwatch 2 will improve and become much smoother. You can even get a feel for OW1 for the returning players. It works fine for me so I would suggest the same for you. I will be testing out more settings to see if I can optimize the aiming further. I am not a veteran OW1 player. One of my fellow friends suggested it to me and I tried it out which worked for me.

Leave your personal tips and suggestions if you have anything to add to the list of fixes and workarounds in this guide. I will share it with the community so that more players can be helped.

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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