CMS 2021 | How To Add Custom License Plates

In this guide, I will show you how to add any image as a license plate in the game Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. In this game, you must work your way to a service empire.

You must get your hands dirty in this highly realistic simulation game that pays significant attention to details. You can visit a new Auction house and buy cars in various conditions. Also, expand your range of services by investing in a new workspace and equipment. Check out this guide to know the details.

How To Get Own License Plates In CMS 2021

How To Get Own License Plates In CMS 2021

How To Add Your Own License Plates

Navigate to the installation folder of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. If you can’t find where that is, right-click the game in your Steam library and select “Manage -> Browse Local Files.”

In this folder, navigate to the “Car Mechanic Simulator 2021_Data” folder and then into “StreamingAssets.” Over here, create a new subfolder called “license plates.” Make sure that you are using the American English spelling.

Then, add any image you want, to use as a custom license plate in the game, to this folder. They should be 512 x 256 pixels or any other 2:1 aspect ratio. The file format of the image must be .png. The filename must end with a six-digit hex number.

It should be preceded by a ‘#’ and enclosed within square brackets, e.g., “MyLicensePlate[#000000].png”. The hex number stands for the color of the letters printed on the license plate in the game. #000000 stands for black, and #FFFFFF would be white.

What To Do If License Plates Missing In-Game

If you’re unsure what to use, you can visit a website called to find some examples or create your custom colors. In my case, I have chosen #097f8c.

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The filename (sans the hex number) will be the name, under which your custom image appears in the in-game license plate shop. After buying the plate from there, you can mount it on any car. Again, I must repeat myself, and make sure to use the correct image format (PNG) and file name format (e.g., MyLicensePlate[#000000].png).

Images in other formats or without a correctly formatted file name will be completely absent from the game. If your image is not precisely 512 x 256 pixels in size, it will still show up in the game.

But it will automatically be re-scaled to the correct size and might end up as a poor-quality image or distorted as a result. If none of your license plates show up in the game, that would mean that you misnamed the folder.

Most people call it “LicencePlates” which is an easy mistake, primarily if you’re used to British English.

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Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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