Punishing: Gray Raven | Best Team And Build For Alpha (Lucia)

First encountered as Unknown Construct α, Lucia: Crimson Abyss is more commonly known as Alpha. This guide contains the best team for Alpha as well as the most recommended build.

Alpha(Lucia) Best Team and Build in Punishing: Gray Raven

This new hero has been released globally on June 15th, 2021, and belongs to the Assault class. She is from the Ascendant faction. To learn more about the best teammates to play with Alpha and her recommended build do check out the full guide.

Lucia punishing gray raven

Best Teammates

You should include the following team members to get the best results for Alpha:

Karenina – Blast 

Although she is an Attacker, her QTE pulls enemies together, and as a result, she is a great partner for modes like Warzone.

Nanami – Storm

Swap to Nanami: Storm and use her Blue Orb to gather enemies and lower the enemies’ defenses.

Rosetta – Arctic

A direct upgrade to Nanami: Storm/Kamui: Bastion.

Liv – Eclipse 

Specifically, at SSS Class (her shards are farmable in the first challenge stage of her Interlude), Eclipse gains access to a passive that will give Alpha a 10% physical damage increase; with the right memories, she’ll bring out more buffs for Alpha’s Sword Wave burst.

Kamui – Bastion

His QTE has a valuable stun and lowers the enemy’s defense; more convenient than Storm because he doesn’t require being swapped in.

Kamui: Bastion has nowhere near as much shred as Nanami: Storm and is less useful to swap into. Warzone has a lot of character switching, so Nanami: Storm comes out on top here.

However, Rosetta: the Arctic is always the superior choice if you have her. Two Tanks provide better buffs for bursting down bosses in seconds.

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Recommended Build For Alpha

Go for 4x Frederick. It is better for burst but requires using dodges for DPS, leaving fewer dodges for safety. And also for 4x Patton which is better for long fights if you aren’t used to bursting bosses.

The Preferred Memory Placement for Alpha is to put Darwin in slot 1/2/3 as Darwin has a low ATK stat and Frederick/Patton should be prioritized for 4/5/6.

For 6* Weapon Resonance, if you only have one 6* weapon available for Resonance fodder, activate Alpha’s second slot for more orbs, and the slot priority is 2 > 3 > 1.

You can refer to this chart for the exact details 
ModeWeaponMemoriesAffixed Skills
War ZoneCrimson


Frederick 4x + Darwin 2xSlot 1: Atk+15, Crit+15Slot 2:60px[Core Passive +1]
Pain CagePatton 4x + Darwin 2x
General Usage

Author’s Note

Lucia punishing gray raven

Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced ultra-stylish Action-RPG. Mankind is almost extinct. Earth has been conquered by a robotic army—the Corrupted—twisted and warped by a biomechanical virus known as The Punishing.

The last survivors have fled into orbit, aboard the space station Babylonia. After years of preparation, the Gray Raven special forces unit leads the mission to reclaim their lost homeworld.

You are their leader. As commandant of the Gray Raven unit, you are tasked with assembling the greatest cyborg soldiers the world has known and leading them into battle.

Unravel the dark truths behind the Punishing virus, push back the Corrupted, and reclaim the Earth in this stylish Action-RPG.

This concludes this edition of the guide on Punishing: Gray Raven. I will of course keep you updated with more such guides.

If you found this helpful then please leave a comment to let us know your appreciation. I hope you all are enjoying playing this game. See you all again soon. Till then take care and goodbye!

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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