COD: Warzone – Best PC Graphics Settings Guide

This is a detailed Call of Duty (COD): Warzone best graphics settings guide for PC. These settings will get you decent FPS as well as smoothen the performance.These will be the main goal for these settings.

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COD: Warzone Best Graphics Settings Guide for PC

These are the Best COD Warzone Graphics settings as per my system specs:

Custom Framerate Limit

Unlimited (This limits the frame rates at which the game is rendered on screen)

Display Mode

Fullscreen (Settings this to fullscreen is the optimal setting to do at this point. Results in the best frame rates)

Texture Resolution

Low (Resolution on texture details in the game. Since this impacts GPU and CPU usage, set this to Low)

Sync every frame (V-Sync)

Disabled (Syncs monitor’s refresh rate with the games’ frame rate. Turning this off results in the highest FPS possible)

Texture Anisotropic Filtering

Normal (Volumetric settings are tweaked using this one)

Particle Quality

High (Quality of small particles in the game. High results in detailed textures of particles. Does not impact CPU/GPU usage that much)

Aspect Ratio

Automatic (Play on wide 4:3 or normal 16:9 ratio depending on the monitor’s default settings)

NVIDIA highlights

Disabled (Takes up a tiny amount of FPS to run this in the background. Set this to OFF for the best experience)

Bullet Impacts and Sprays

Disabled (Details related to bullet marks on the screen)


Disabled (Reflection of glasses, water, etc)

Shadow Map Resolution

low (Resolution of shadows in the map. Using High settings will result in high CPU usage and FPS drops)

Cache Spot Shadows

Enabled – Personal Preference

Cache Sun shadows

Enabled – Personal Preference

Particle Lighting

Normal – Personal Preference

Direct X Raytracing

Disabled (Only enable this for 30 Series cards. Even if you have an RTX 20series card, try not to use this one since it is not that effective for 20 series)

Ambient Occlusion

Disabled (Environmental lighting and optics settings)

Screen Space Reflection

Disabled (SSR takes up decent resources so keep this off for medium-end systems)


Filmic SMAA T2X ( 1X or Disabled if more FPS needed)

Depth of Field

Disabled (Personal taste as well as performance boost for me)

Filmic Strength

0.00 – I prefer to not have film grain or strength since I do not like that effect in any of my COD games.

World Motion Blur

Disabled (I do not recommend Motion Blur unless the game is super optimized and you are playing single-player mostly)

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Weapon Motion Blur

Disabled (Same reasoning as above but applicable for weapons)

Film Grain

o.oo – The explanation is similar to Filmic Strength. I don’t like the effect of both of the two elements and I tend to keep the visual clutters clear.

Screen Refresh Rate


Render Resolution

100 (Keep this at 100% to avoid blurry or unclear graphics. Lowering this will boost FPS but the game does not look good at all)

COD WARZONE best PC graphics settings 1

COD WARZONE best PC graphics settings 2

COD WARZONE best PC graphics settings 3

COD WARZONE best PC graphics settings 4

System Specs used to test

  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
  • GPU: GTX 1660 6GB
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4

The game is tested at 1080p to reach the basic mark of 60 or above Frame Rates.

Minimum Specifications

Here are the minimum specs needed to play COD Warzone

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit (Service Pack 1) or Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300
Memory: 8GB RAM
HDD: 175GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1650 or Radeon HD 7950
DirectX: DirectX 12

Recommended Specifications

Here are the recommended specs needed to play COD Warzone

Operating System: Windows 10 64 Bit (latest Service Pack Available)
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Ryzen R5 1600X processor
Memory: 12GB RAM
HDD: 175GB HD space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / GTX 1660 or Radeon R9 390 / AMD RX 580
DirectX: DirectX 12

The Above settings managed to fetch me well beyond 60+FPS in even the most graphically intense situations. If you want more juice out of the game, try turning off the Antialiasing, but make sure you do not use any kind of blur effects in the game.

If you do, there will be a lot of graphical noise to deal with. But generally, these settings should be enough to make your game run smoothly and at a decent FPS. Also, as I mentioned above, lowering the render resolution will help in boosting FPS.

But it will make the game bad and less enjoyable. This is up to personal preference and if you want to get more FPS at the cost of gaming experience, lower this by all means.

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Last Updated on January 15, 2024

10 thoughts on “COD: Warzone – Best PC Graphics Settings Guide”

  1. Running a machine with WELL above the recommended settings…
    RTX 2070 super
    i7 9700k
    32g RAM @ 3600mhz (confirmed speed)
    OS on M.2 Samsung Evo
    Game on SSD

    cannot pull over 50ish frames in any mode in Warzone. I use these exact settings and have been searching everywhere for an answer. My daughter uses an i7 gen 2, 1080, 16g ram with SSD drives – pulls easy 115-125 fps in all modes.I dont get what is wrong?

    Side note: I have ran everything that has ever been suggested to find malware, etc.. nothing comes up. Background processes are minimal at best. Open to suggestions?

    1. Also, for more context, I run on fully updated Win10, and trying to run the game at 1080p res using a 2k monitor @ 144hz. Frames jump up to around 7-800 on the still images while loading, but once in game, the massive drop comes. When on the screen where your char is walking, and you are supposed to pick a game mode, I hit around 130-140ish. Just never in the actual game.

    2. As far as we have seen from feedbacks, the issue is with the CPU usage and ram getting used to about 70% while the GPU remains low. One of the reasons is the number of cores being 4 for i7 processors.

      1. Thank you! Just tried these settings and they worked perfectly. I was getting over 100FPS with smooth gameplay. Only thing I noticed is when I came up to a brick wall all I saw was blur no detail. Other than that perfect!

        Win 10
        Ryzen 5 3600x
        GTX 1660
        MSI monitor 160hrz

        1. Yes. Lowering some of these settings can effect the sharpness of edges and lines. It should not be bothering too much. I am glad it worked for you!

    3. You can try to check on the task manager the usage of the cpu and gpu during intense environments. Also try changing priority to normal from high.

  2. joshua mcclelland

    activision you need to sort the game out ASAP iu have notice your getting alot of reports on low fps and stutters lag crashes all that just do one big updat to fix this shit for low end pc so everyone can play it and also fix everything els aswell please do what you can and please sort out the high cpu usage aswell please because i have modern warfare and it runs at 100% cpu usage and is not giving any other process to run so it crashes my whole computor please do a massive update and optimize warzone for low end pc please please please do it alot of people are deleating the game

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