Cult Of The Lamb: How To Revive Followers And Resurrect

Players have been traversing the myriad of content present in Cult of the Lamb as they go through managing their Cult.

There are plenty of Doctrines, Recipes, Rituals, and more. You can Sacrifice and Ascend your followers from time to time in order to maintain your control.

Followers will eventually pass due to natural circumstances, which can be unfortunate for you and the Cult. However, there is the option of reviving them through an unique Ritual that will see them return to the game.

In that regard, the following guide will tell players about the Reviving Ritual and how it affects the Cult overall.

Cult of the Lamb - Reviving

Cult of the Lamb: Unlocking the Revival Ritual

Players have to acquire the correct Ritual in order to go about reviving Followers. This will need two Stone Tablets that make Doctrines, not including the one you get during the Tutorial. Here’s how to go about the whole process:

  • You can piece together three individual Stone Tablet Pieces for the same through Crusades or managing the town
  • There is a Stone Tablet Piece after every Crusade as you beat the mini or main boss
  • The game also has specific shops during Crusade runs where you will find a free Stone Tablet Piece
  • One of the best ways is to increase Follower Loyalty via Blessings or gifts. You will be given a Stone Tablet Piece every time they level up.
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Having collected the required Stone Tablets, make your way to the Church and fill in a new Doctrine. The specific Ritual is present in the Second Tier of Afterlife.

Simply select ‘Ritual of Resurrection’ and you can bring them back. It will need 75 bones and reduce your Faith by 15.

Cult of the Lamb - Reviving Ritual

Cult of the Lamb: How Reviving Followers help

Naturally, when you call back a Follower, they are reinstated to your Cult-like before. Additionally, the time is set back to make them younger and give back the Loyalty levels.

You will also find the traits as it was, meaning you will benefit massively from Reviving followers with great qualities.

However, there is a long delay between the two Revivals so players do not use it and repeat it often. You will be gaining a Loyal Follower back and continue managing the Cult as it were.

Thus, that is all players must know about the Reviving Followers process. You can even achieve it on Followers whom you have Sacrificed or Ascended, both of which also take significant time between consecutive happenings.

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

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