Cyberpunk 2077 | Dream On Quest Bug Fix

So there are lots of complaints regarding the massive number of bugs in the game Cyberpunk 2077. You can always wait for the game patch from the developers to fix these issues or try something of your own in the meantime. We have incorporated a solution to the Dream On Quest bug which is plaguing a lot of players. Here are our 2 cents on this:


How To Fix Dream On Quest Bug In Cyberpunk 2077

*UPDATE* Hotfix 1.05 is out now. This should hopefully fix this issue!

The Problem

There are many types of glitches you may face while completing this mission including issues like:

  •  You may be stuck in “.. follow the cables..”. Even after already following them, scanning the things you’re supposed to scan, and then get out of the apartment part you may be unable to proceed further. When you do get outside, there is no further pointer or tracker, only the one from “follow the cables”.
  • You don’t get the “Exit the apartment” item checked. It tells you to keep scanning cables even though you already did.
  • Even after you have scoured the entire area and even shot up the corpses to make sure, it will not acknowledge that all enemies have been neutralized and let the quest advance.

Possible Fixes

Here we have listed some possible solutions to this problem. The list is in no way exhaustive and in case you are still not able to resolve your issue, you can always write to the developers and hope they come up with a patch soon. But if you are determined to try on your own then follow these guidelines:

  •  For anyone stuck on “follows the cables”, you’re supposed to find the hidden room first, then the antenna on the roof. CD Project Red didn’t take into account that you can actually find the antenna before the hidden room by climbing on the outside of the house. Just reload, find the hidden room, climb the ladder and scan the antenna and there you go!
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Alternate Fix

  • Somebody had the same issue and they have suggested: Just load up an earlier autosave, preferably when you first spoke to Elizabeth about looking around the apartment. Then scan the plastered over bullet holes in the hallway wall and the first bloodstain on the floor, go to the SSI Security room downstairs, get the passcode from one computer and open the secret door on the second computer, then go back upstairs, find the next set of bloodstains, scan the Smart Glass wall panel, then go into the secret room, scan the First Aid box and after Elizabeth gets her headache, scan the ‘mysterious’ tech on the wall and then follow the cables up to the roof and onto the UHF Transmitter. The mission will complete every step when done in this order. FYI the person who suggested this successfully left the apartment and found the van.
  • Go outside on top of the roof to where the cables connect to the box. Use your scanner vision and in the distance, you’ll see some kind of building or device glowing yellow. Scan it and you’ll be able to talk to Liz after and finish the quest.

We will be very happy if we are able to help you get over this bug. If it does work out as we mentioned above then let us know in the comments. Or you can directly contact the developers and let them know about the issue you are facing. Hopefully, wherever you are stuck it will be patched soon. Have a great day!

Last Updated on December 20, 2020

3 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 | Dream On Quest Bug Fix”

  1. fix: the only bug with cables, is to not counting cable objective – the rest still working;

    the game – the map and navi system pointing to the top priority objective, but other are still available and works – open map, select other objective on map (gonna guess which one is labeled by quest name (dream on)) – and do the job there; the game resetting to the top prio (cables) every single step, so gonna find and manually choose objectives a lot

  2. I have scoured the entire area and even shot up the corpses to make sure, it will not acknowledge that all enemies have been neutralized and let the quest advance. what do I do?

    1. These workarounds usually fixes the issue. If it still did not work for you, you might as well send a bug report to CDPR and wait for a hotfix soon.

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